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Ted Kennedy’s casual lies

April 7, 2008

While stumping for Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy told one of his many casual lies. To exaggerate the Iraq War out of all proportion, he characterized it as very long, longer than WWI and WWII.

He dumped that shit on you Democrats to dupe you for your ignorance of the fact that the World Wars were short (because of their horrendous intensity) and that the real “war” of Iraq was very short, over in a matter of weeks. The counterinsurgency following is not long at all, since counterinsurgencies almost always last for at least 10 years.

To show his utter contempt for the truth, Kennedy said that the Iraq War is no “almost as long as the Vietnam War.” In this he is again insulting you for your “intellectual” ignorance. The Iraq War is nowhere near as long as the Vietnam War was. Not even close.

Vietnam War: 1959 – April 30 1975. American involvement 1960-1975 (15 years).

And guess who got us into that war? Ted Kennedy’s exalted brother, President John Kennedy.

Yes, Ted Kennedy is a joker, and the joke’s on YOU.

When shall we ever be done with hearing Ted Kennedy invoke his brother John as a god? Ted does this too to insult your intelleigeance, for neither John Kennedy nor Robert Kennedy were socialists like Ted Kennedy is. They were ANTI-socialists, fierce anti-socialists who would be center-right on most issues today and center-left on a few issues today.

Another Ted Kennedy insult is his glorification of the race for the moon initiated by John Kennedy, which he implies that Barack Obama would emulate. Think, pee-brains: wouldn’t Ted Kennedy scream bloody murder over such an effort today? He would be screaming that the money for the space program was evil and should be taken from taxpayers by the Democrats to bribe the votes of people who want handouts.

Ted Kennedy tried to ride his brothers’ coattails into the Oval office in 1980. When CBS asked him the simple question why he thought he should be president, he sat there mouth-breathing as if incredulous at the question. He had no answer. (See the recent C-SPAN Q and A program for the film clip.)

It was evident to the whole nation that he thought he should be the Leader of the Free World just because he is a Kennedy and it was now his turn. He was rejected. And ever since, he has made himself the Party Boss, the man running the show from behind the scenes, the man who wants his puppet in the White House.

The one really good thing the Clintons did for this country was to create another pole of power in the Democratic Party, limiting the power of Kennedy’s thuggish tactics to bully elected Democrats into doing whatever he commands.

So, all you naive Kool-Aide drinkers, having Ted Kennedy back you is not a plus in the eyes of most Americans. Maybe it’s time you edjicated yourselves by Googling to find out about his past.