Where are the British when we need them? Come and burn down Washington again for us, please.

April 4, 2008

Though my rants usually take the Democrats to task, I really wonder about the Republicans too. They don’t respond to the misconduct like they should. And their failure to do so makes hypocrites of them too.

I’ll use the best example I can recall. It was the Senate Confirmation hearing for Justice Sam Alito. The thuggish conduct of the Democrats was deplorable, just sickening. They lied their heads off and twisted everything to deliberately falsely incriminate this good and decent man as some sort of evil person.

Newsflash moral imbeciles: that is pure, unadulterated malice. There is nothing more odious that you can do to a human being. And how low must your moral IQ be if I need to tell you that?

In other words, it wasn’t enough to oppose Alito’s nomination on the grounds that they didn’t like his past decisions, they had to demonize him. Time and again, their anti-logic and cherry picking proved beyond all doubt that they were INTENTIONALLY making an innocent man out to be guilty! Intentionally!!! It was so flagrant. It was a litmus test for decency. It made you want to puke.

At one point, Mrs. Alito lost it and broke down into tears over what Senator Kennedy and Senator Feingold and the others were doing to her husband. Kennedy was no surprise, but Feingold and the others were: I had thought they were decent people with morals.

But obviously these moral imbeciles don’t know right from wrong anymore.

But wait – the kicker is that the Republicans weren’t outraged by this lynching. As though it was all just business as usual, they just repeated their counterarguments like broken records and mouth-breathed like the Democrats did to see Mrs. Alito so emotionally affected by what was going on.

In other words, all the politicians involved – both the Democrats and the Republicans – were emotional imbeciles, absolutely devoid of conscience and empathy.

What is the matter with these people? Has Washington sucked the humanity out of them?

Instead of just repeating their talking points like broken records, why did no Republican stand up and take the Democrats to task for their corrupt and MALICIOUS conduct? Why? Why was there no Republican anger over this outrage? Why?

Are the Republicans tin-men too, or what? I was totally amazed.

One day during this auto-da-fe, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program, a Republican staff lawyer explained this phenomenon that was bugging me. He said he had been talking to his father on the phone the day before and gotten a shock.

He was talking matter-of-factly with his father (back home in Middle America) about the hearing and his father knocked his socks off by saying that, obviously, he had been in Washington too long, if a cruel and despicable show like that was just Washington “business as usual” to him and didn’t rather outrage his sense of decency.

His father had to tell him that the average American in Middle America was sickened by such behavior and that being sickened by such behavior is NORMAL.

The lawyer was shamefaced and agreed that Washington DC does that people. It’s all about power, period. Nothing else is even a consideration – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. Their automaton brains are stuck on one thing: what to do or say right now to further my Party’s bid to rule Capitol Hill and occupy the White House. They are nothing but machines who act without considering anything else in the choices they make – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. None of that even enters their shrivelled-up brains. A dumb beast makes decisions morally superior to theirs.

So, what does this FACT make of all the moral posturing of BOTH sides on hot-button issues like welfare, abortion, racism, and social issues? Nothing but putrid hypocrisy to sucker votes, that’s what.

What is this place called Washington DC? It’s a swamp, isn’t it? A filled-in swamp. A fetid mal-aria still lingers over it. Let it return to swampland. Or let the British come to burn it down for us again.


Is Nancy Pelosi Crazy? Or Just a Liar?

April 4, 2008

The Democratic Party disgraces this this country with a Speaker of the House of Representatives who routinely calls press conferences to tell boldfaced lies. Her biggest whopper so far was claiming that al-Qaeda isn’t in Iraq: she says we must get out of Iraq and go fight al-Qaeda.

That loony toon just makes up her own reality and tries to cram it down our throats, doesn’t she?

She did that again today, when she lied by claiming that the Iraqi government pays “nothing” toward its its own reconstruction and defense.

Not once. Not twice. No less than three times she repeated this flagrant lie.

Anyone reasonably well informed knows that the Iraqi government is now paying the lion’s share of both the reconstruction projects and the costs of maintaining its own military.

Question for the subversive press: Why do you give Nancy Pelosi a pass to lie her head off THROUGH YOUR MOUTHS to the American people? You call yourselves “moral”?

Why do you quote such KNOWN and FLAGRANT lies, thus broadcasting the misinformation in them to the American people? Hey, Pravda, you call yourselves the “guardians of democracy”?

Are you reporters too ignorant/incompetent to know better than what she said? Or are you just liars in cahoots with lying Nancy Pelosi?

The morons of the press don’t think they are morally obligated to report this lie AND that it is a known lie. THAT is the “news” you good-for-nothing-but-leftist-propaganda “journalists” = the news is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a boldfaced liar run amok because she knows the press will report any lie she vomits as though it is truth.

Time for accountability among those who claim to be holding others accountable.

Notice, that the longer her nose gets (today it grew down to her knees, so that she had to stuff it down her blouse), the more she projects her lying in the very act by littering her speech with word “truth,” claiming to be shining the “bright light of truth” on some other unnamed but well-known person she accuses of being the “liar.”

The mentally ill always project their sin on the victim of it in very act of committing it. It’s the Oldest Trick in the Book: the serpent pulled it on Eve when he made God out to be the liar by saying, “God told you THAT?”

But I wonder if Pelosi really is “responsible” anymore. Just look at her. Just look at her face. Have you ever seen such extremely arched brows and such wide-open eyes as though they were seeing a ghost? More important, have you ever seen such eyebrows nailed permanently into that position before? Have you ever seen such wild eyes permanently fixed in that expression before?

Nancy Pelosi

Note all her bizarre expressions. The robotic smiles. Anyone can see that they are fake, that she just flashes them at the faces (mirrors) around her for effect and that they are no expression of what is within.

In fact, it’s the same with her whole bizarre portfolio of facial expressions. She switches from one to another like someone switching masks. One expression doesn’t melt into another as in normal people. Hers switch instantaneously and often inappropriately in a way that strikes you as pardody of normal human emotion.

Nancy Pelosi

Most of her face is as immobile as a stone, and she just adjusts the shape of her mouth, the tilt of her head, or the look in her eyes. Mechanically.

Not signs of mental health.

Nancy Pelosi

This isn’t just a rare accident of camera click. Watch her on TV and see for yourself. These bizarre expressions are constant. You can’t help but be unsettled by them.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives should be dignified. Not a clown.

Representative Ike Skelton is reasonable. Why does he sully his own good name by letting her get away with it? The coward. Now hear this, Ike: you destroy your own credibility when you stand beside her before the cameras while she tells such boldfaced lies to the American people in the name of the Democratic Party. That’s immoral, you idiot. That makes a liar of you too, you moral imbecile. You are an accomplice to the lying. Get a backbone and some integrity, you good-for-nothing.

What’s the matter with all you House Democrats? Are you so stupid you think nobody notices that something is drastically wrong with her? Do you think everyone is a California nut-case who thinks the moon is made of green cheese for you if you just decide to believe that it is? You know, like maybe you make a lie the truth by repeating it one billion times if necessary to have the last word?

Like a cantankerous three-year-old does.

In adults, magical thinking like that ain’t normal. So, either quit it or go see shrinks. Otherwise you’ll all end up like her.

Pig-Flying Moments in the Senate!

April 3, 2008

We had pig-flying moments in some Senate hearings yesterday. The Democrats actually weren’t obnoxious and lying their heads off, for once.

Only the Senator from Hell, Ted Kennedy, just couldn’t help being what he is, a thug. So, he tried his old trick of starting out all smiles only to lay shock and awe on the poor witness by immediately becoming abusive with purple prose littered with buzzwords for “the little guy” (read “people who want government handouts”) to salivate over.

But, he was lazy and unprepared, starting out on a stupid line of questioning to try to bully an answer out of Bernacke with. Then rather than make a complete a complete fool of himself, he just abruptly stopped and slunk away.

This means that – be sure you’re sitting down – even Senator Schumer was decent and made sense at the hearing. (Oh, yes, the Dems took a few token licks at the President’s image, but you could see that these were bones they were throwing to the left-wing-nuts. If they were always this civil, honest, and decent, a political lick now and then would be no big deal.)

In general, the Democrats soon stopped trying to attack the Fed’s move to keep Bear Stearns from failing. They acknowledged that it had to be done, not for Bear Stearns, but for everyone, including “the little guy.”

They had reservations about the precedent set, and so did Republicans on the committee, but this is reasonable and a valid concern.

This is a pig-flying moment, because they actually HEARD and ACCEPTED a valid answer to their objection. In other words they were reasonable and honest. And I, who lay into them when they aren’t, give them credit for that today. Would they were always reasonable and that all the Republicans would always be reasonable too.

They hinted at wanting the government to bailout all those being foreclosed on, but didn’t get serious about it. They did let it through their heads that some of these people just can’t afford homes and should never have bought them or been given credit. That some are speculators who bought several homes under false pretenses, expecting that the outrageously skyrocketing home prices would keep increasing forever, so that they could sell at a huge profit. That some simply walked away from these mortages and were in foreclosure during their first year. And that some lied about their incomes to get those loans.

So, there wasn’t even a head-butting fight about the fact that the those losing their homes must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, to help those who simply need refinancing at a level they can afford. And that you cannot steal the lenders’ money by passing a law that says the borrowers don’t have to pay those loans back.

For the idiots out there who don’t know why: think, morons, what that would do to the availability of loans. No one in his right mind will loan money if they know that the Democrats will just tear up those loan agreements to bribe votes from the lower classes.

The Democrats also behaved refreshingly in the Foreign Relations Committee. One panel was the usual foggy-brained academic “experts.” They were totally incoherent. Their garbled message seemed to be: “The US must get of of Iraq, but the US mustn’t get out of Iraq, because the US is guilty of Iraq and will be guilty of staying in Iraq or of getting out of Iraq.”

They spoke of our “moral obligation” to keep trying at what they then declared a hopeless cause AND an evil thing.

Yes, you read right. In their erratic blather they constantly contradicted themselves this way. In one sentence they declared us morally obligated to do something that, in the next sentence, they declared evil.

Ah, the intelligentsia. Hey, numbskulls: no one is morally obligated to do anything doomed to failure, let alone evil on top of it all. If you had the moral sense or even just the common sense of a seven-year-old, you’d know that.

It was so obvious that these idiot college types just relished the idea damning us if we do and damning us we don’t that Senator Biden got mad. He pointed out that they were saying it was hopeless and therefore we should bring the troops home tomorrow, right?

Duh. The idiot college professors just mouth-breathed at him.

Biden’s anger was no big surprise, but then Senator Boxer got madder yet. Which is a huge surprise.

She landed on them for characterising our support of IRAQI GOVERNMENT forces trying to clean criminal gangs and private armies out of Basra as supporting nothing but a MILITIA.

That’s right. In order to condemn everything we do, these lying, stupid, professors call the elected Iraqi GOVERNMENT and the national IRAQI ARMY a “sectarian militia.”

Therefore, no matter what we do, they will just make it evil by calling it something else. These clowns were like the Emperor in His New Clothes!

I never thought I’d be in such complete agreement with Senator Boxer about anything, but she is right. (Apparantly she doesn’t like being mocked by intelectuals, either.) If that is what the foul-mouthed intellectual “experts” are going to make of us helping the duly elected Iraqi government when it tries to rid the country of private armies and criminal gangs, we must bring our people home tomorrow.

Of course, those same imbecile academic experts (Yahia Said, Dr. Stephen Biddle, and Nir Rosen) will condemn us for that too, and told us so.

The bottom line is that we can’t maintain the current rotation of 15 months on and 12 months off. Our troops will be coming out, and the only debate is how fast. Iraq will have to get its act together in a year or two. If by then, we can’t draw down to less than 50,000 troops without taking casualties (thus maintaining a “presence” as in South Korea, West Germany or Japan after WWII), we are going to wash our hands of them by pulling out entirely.

We have every right to. We gave it our best shot. The Democrats are the bad cops, calling for fast withdrawal. The Republicans are good cops, more patient. But the two sides aren’t really that far apart on the matter anymore.

I hope the Iraqi people are paying attention. They had better appreciate Mr. Bush while they have him.

Tin Foil halo and Cardboard Wings Award: Congressman Ed Markey

April 2, 2008

Why is Massachusetts so hoity-toidy? Well, you too would disguise yourself in the phony trappings of class if you were the most corrupt state in the union, with notoriously corrupt politics and a tradition of electing crooks to Congress, no matter what sleazy things they have done.

Today’s Tinfoil Halo and Cardboard Wings award goes to Democratic Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts, chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

His forehead is thick as a brick and he has ears but does not hear. No matter how many times you correct his lie that the oil companies have gotten outrageously high windfall profits from the high price of crude oil, he mocks the American people with the comeback, “Yes, but the oil companies have gotten outrageously high windfall profits.”

Which begs the question: “Hey dude, are you really deaf? Or don’t you speak English? Are you really as stupid as you act? Or are you insulting our intelligence on purpose?”

Want respect? Then show some.

He must have gotten that great edjication of his in the Boston public schools. He doesn’t know enough to compare profits by percentage, not absolute dollar amounts.

Of course the absolute dollar amounts of profit for this global industry are going to massive, you Mathematical Pinhead!

Now, let’s calculate what that industry costs to run, you idiot. No matter how many times you explain to Moron Markey that it is deceptive to quote absolute dollar amounts, when the percentages are but average, the lying bastard still comes back the absolute dollar amounts.

Uneducably mentally retarded, he is.

The oil companies’ profits cycle from 7-8.5%, laregly because the price of crude oil is volatile. They are at the upper end of that range now, about 0.5% higher than similar industries.

What’s more, the oil industries invest annually MORE than their profits for that year! So, why is lying Markey trying to deceive the American people into thinking that the oil company executives and stockholders are just lining their pockets with all that money?

Hey, Moron Marke, how about attacking the New York Times and other MSM for their outrageous profit margins of 20%.

And why is lying Markey trying to deceive the American people into thinking that the oil companies aren’t paying their fair share of taxes? That “tax break” Markey keeps lying about was just a repeal of a punitive tax put on the oil companies by the avaraicious Democratic Congress.

Truth: American corporations pay about 30% taxes. The oil industries pay 44%. That’s more than their fair share, Markey-Malarckey.

Indeed, the high coprorate tax rate here is the reason why American companies are moving overseas. And you Democrats are to blame.

So, this hick from the sticks wants to know when all you smarter-than-us east coast elitists are going to a clue.

CLUE: Markey is conning you. He invents a demon (“big evil oil”) and then pretends to be your champion, protecting you from it. Every corrupt politician world over pulls the same stunt. So, when are you mental duds going to catch on and quit being suckered into voting for this con artist?

All you blue-collar workers and poor people that Markey is conning with fake concern for you, get a clue: because all he cares about is conning your votes, he doesn’t care how much he’s hurting the very people he’s pretending to help = YOU, duh.

HE is to blame for your high gasoline prices and heating bills: Congressman Ed Markey: he won’t allow drilling for oil or natural gas here; he won’t allow nuclear power; he won’t allow more refineries = he won’t allow anything that would reduce the cost of your fuel. Indeed, he heaps more and more taxes on it to raise the price you pay.

He also can’t get it through his think skull that windmills, solar panels, and ethanol cannot replace gasoline and make us energy independent. So, ask him if he is really that stupid or just a liar.

Lying about the answer to our energy needs must stop now!

April 1, 2008

I think it’s about time we started ruthlessly mocking these morons who think the moon is made of green cheese for you if you decide to believe that it is.

That should make laughingstock of both ends of the political spectrum, though the crazies are far more numerous on the left end. And more dangerous there, because they actually control a political party, which is running amok.

NOW, after food prices skyrocket, the press starts reporting the facts about biofuels like ethanol. Now. Before, the damned press refused to print the truth. They kept it well hid.

Question for the MSM: What the hell were you thinking? That if you denied the truth it would go away?

Politicians were bribing the farmers of Iowa for their votes in the Iowa caucuses. And by the way, the farmers of Iowa are a “special interest” group. Just like blacks on welfare are. Just like “environmentalists” are. Why can’t stupid Democrats see that? Why are they so childishly simplistic as to think that “special interest group” = “business corporation.”

Ah, “the people who think”


I just listened to more stupid make-believe by callers to Washington Journal on C-SPAN.

They scream about the price of gasoline. Then they raise the price by increasing taxes on it. And we shouldn’t call them what they are? Morons.

Then they raise the price some more by refusing to allow drilling for oil here at home.  And by refusing to allow the building of more refineries here. In fact, they steadfastedly refuse to permit ANYTHING that would tend to lower the price of oil and natural gas.

For that they all ought to be held up to public ridicule and contempt.

These lying idiots can’t get it through their thick heads that we cannot eliminate our need for gasoline, because we cannot eliminate our need to drive automobiles. These morons who live tight-packed like sardines on the coasts think “mass transit” is the answer.

I say, quit smoking whatever you’re smoking, dudes, and land in the flyover states just once. Mass transit is no answer for the great middle of this country. Too complex?

Hydrogen is the answer, but we won’t run automobiles on hydrogen for at least another 20 years. Get that through your thick skulls. Till then, we need gasoline. Know it, liars. To keep refusing to is irrational.

We could plant corn or sugar beets from coast to coast and it wouldn’t supply even a tiny fraction of our need for gasoline, you stupid, ignorant morons.

And biolfuels are NOT clean or energy efficient. Know it, or see a shrink to fix your irrational thinking machine.

Think of all the gasoline those farmers burn to plant and raise those biolfuel crops and deliver them to market, you idiots. You know, like in trucks and tractors. What? Are you intellectuals so ignorant that you think milk comes from a carton? Are you so provincial that you don’t know how big an acre is or the great distances between things here in middle America? Get some edjication, please. Biolfuels cost more energy to produce than they save.

And why did the lying MSM refuse to print the truth about that? One must conclude that journalists think they dictate truth itself, not just perceptions and opinions about it.

Think of the pollution from those chemical factories to produce the ethanol, you idiots. Think, idiots. It ain’t rocket science.

Efficient? Quit lying. To drive the same distance, you burn more of gas diluted with ethanol = you save NOTHING in gasoline consumption, morons. Quit lying about that by pretending it ain’t true.

The willful obtuseness is amazing. One stupid Democrat caller said the solution to the exploding food prices is to do like Brazil – don’t plant corn for ethanol; plant sugar beets instead. Hey, moron, it doesn’t matter what you plant. Every acre producing ethanol is an acre not producing FOOD, you imbecile.

Have you ignorami ever heard of “supply and demand”? That jacks up the price of food, stupid. High priced food WILL cause world famine, which is warded off annually by the low cost of American food and the food the United States government can afford to give away.

Try to raise the level of your thinking above childish slogans like “oil is evil,” please.

Stop blocking all efforts to use our own domestic oil reserves. Stop blocking the building of more refineries. By thus enabling our “friends” in the Middle East to hold a monopoly on oil production and refining, you are allowing them to gouge us by charging anything they want for it. You are running American truckers, for example, out of business, you callous brutes.

The other great energy need we have is for electricity. So, you Euro lovers should stop praising everything Europe does except one thing: getting 80% of their electricity from nuclear power.

Try to raise the level of your thinking above childish slogans like “nuclear power is evil,” please. Know that nuclear power is the cleanest and most efficient power there is. Yes, the plants are expensive, but quit lying by omission when you forget to point out that they soon pay for themselves.

Stop pretending that we don’t need nuclear power. Stop also pretending that we don’t have tons of natural gas as well. Stop blocking production of natural gas. Stop blocking use of our coal reserves, no matter how clean the processing would be. Why do you block all our own natural resources? Is Osama bin Laden paying you?

Why do you hate America so much that you block every avenue to affordible energy we have?

Instead you dream up futuristic fairy tales about alternative energy sources that can provide but a drop in the bucket of our energy needs – like solar power, geothermal power, wind power. Quit lying by pretending that this kind of thing is the answer. It ain’t, and anyone with even a minimal amount of knowledge on the subject knows that.

Why does the lying press spread this misinformation and supress the known truth: all together these expensive alternative sources of energy are in the early experiemntal stages of development. It is SCIENCE FICTION to pretend that they could come online to supply more than a tiny (and expensive) fraction of our energy needs, so quit lying about that, please.

Yes, we could plant windmills and solar panels from coast to coast and it wouldn’t fulfill even a tiny fraction of our electricity needs! Quit lying by pretending otherwise. Face facts: wind power, solar power, and geothermal power are NOT contemporary solutions: they are 22nd century solutions, you morons.

Either face these facts and quit lying or pay my heating bill, you sons of bitches. You sit there in the moderate climate on the coasts, brutally uncaring about what you are doing to those of us who live in the center of this Continent.

Do I sound angry? That’s because I’m furious with you liars and your lying mass media. Get this straight or put on a straight jacket: the moon isn’t made of green cheese for you just because you decide to believe that it is.

Why the Democrats Lie about Everything

April 1, 2008

The average person has got to believe the Democrats, because no sane person can believe that they would lie about something like the NSA’s Terrorist Surveillance Program.

So they believe lying Ted Kennedy, lying Nancy Pelosi, lying Hillary Clinton, lying Barack Obama, et al when they call it a “domestic spying program” to “to spy on Americans in their homes.”

Sane people must think, “Why would the Democrats say this if it weren’t true? Why would they use such a lie as an excuse to block the Protect America Act, causing the expiration of the crucial legislation passed in the wake of 9/11?”

But think twice. The Democrats lie like this to cross and obstruct the President all the time. They distort everything he does to make it out as evil, and then, of, course, they must oppose it.

How many times do they they have to pull this stunt before the naive American people catch on? Newsflash: the Democrats describe EVERYTHING the President or the Republican Party does as evil. Get it?

It’s how they win elections. Their whole argument is “Vote for us, because ‘this administration’ and the Republicans are evil.”

So they lie about EVERYTHING the President does to make it look evil. Then, of course, they must oppose it – no matter how good it would be for the American people.

The juvenile Democrats are so mad for power that they are utterly reckless of the consequences to this country and the American people. The Party is rabid. All it cares about is winning the next election.

You can see that in the way Clinton and Obama are going at each other. They are now starting to use the same dirty tactics (like playing the race card) against each other as they heretofore only used on Republicans.

That’s why they’re lying their heads off. And the press just spreads this misinformation by quoting their lies as if credible, without mentioning that these statements are demonstrably false.

The original FISA treated communications transmitted over wires differently than satelite communications. That was because wire communication was domestic communication over phone lines within the United States and therefore involved communication between American citizens or people at least residing in the United States. To tap these wires, you needed a warrant, for which you had to show probable cause.  No such restrictions were placed on wireless/satelite communications, because they originated overseas and therefore generally involved foreigners.

But things are just the opposite now. When Osama bin Laden in Pakistan calls a terrorist in Iraq on a cell phone, that communication usually crosses the Atlantic and is routed through HIGH SPEED CABLE in the United States. Yes! Ain’t that great? That gives us a tremendous ability to listen in!!!

And yes, cell phone communication is wired communication.

Why do these communications usually go through the US? Simply because they take the electronic path of least resistance, and since the US has the best lines in the world, that path of least resistence is through the US 80% of the time.

What moron thinks Osama bin Laden has the Constitutional rights of an American citizen? Where are the maniacal Democrats getting this shit? Our laws have never required a warrant for listening in on the communcations of people in foreign countries.

What’s more, this new legislation is even more protective of the rights of American citizens than the old FISA was. For, it requires a warrant to tap the the communications of an American citizen in a foreign country.

The Democrats are throwing their fake hissy fit over the rare occasion when Osama calls someone in the United States. Their excuse for obstructing the President is that, because that could happen one in a million times, we must throw out the whole law and force the NSA to fart around for days trying to establish probable cause in a FISA court to get a warrant for tapping any communication of anyone anywhere in the world.

And how on earth do you establish probable cause on someone you can’t even invistigate because he’s halfway around the wold holed up in some cave, so that you can’t have the FBI interview the neighbors to gather evidence? What the goddam Democrats want is absurd.

The backlog of applications for warrants was huge before FISA was revised. So, the vast majority of that communication wasn’t being surveilled. And, every day this legislation is being blocked by the Democrats, more and more of those old warrants expire. Which means that every day we get less and less of this lifesaving intelligence information.

I’m sorry, but even if Osama bin Laden calls ME, I want George listening!

I wouldn’t be the target of that wirtetap: OBL is. If anything in that call casts suspicion on me, the NSA must get a warrant to tap my communications and to use any of this gathered evidence against me in a court of law.

So, what have I got to worry about? My rights are protected.

And what are the chances that some foreign terrorist calls anyone in the United States that he isn’t in cahoots with? Very slim. OK, it is possible that he could be calling someone who sells stuff on eBay or calling his younger sister at Harvard on her birthday. But if that’s the case, the innocent person on this end is safe, because no information can be used against them, and their phone can’t be tapped, without a warrant.

So, what’s all the screaming about? 

What the Democrats are doing is recklessly endangering the American people just to make the President sound evil.

This power-hungry madness must stop. Tell your traitorous Democratic Representative who signs his or her paycheck, and threaten to throw the bum out if they don’t start serving the American people instead of the goddam Democratic Party.  

Democratic Representative Lynn Woolsey of California

March 31, 2008

Today’s Tinfoil Halo and Cardboard Wings award goes to Democratic Representative Lynn Woolsey of – you guessed it – California.

Way to get attention, babe. Do them Hollywood folks teach you how to put on that “caring” face and that “heartfelt” tone?

Does accusing the rest of us of being guilty of the killing and wounding of every American and Iraqi killed or wounded in Iraq make you feel holier-than-us?

Hey, California, you obviously need to institute a minimum IQ for the right to vote or hold public office.

This lady, with the bowl of spaghetti for brains, blames the very people trying to stop the killing for it. When thinking like that passes for normal, we are in trouble.

(Psst, moron, the guilty ones are the ones who did it. Not the ones trying to stop it.)

My, how Woolsey “cares” – she wishes Saddam Hussein were still in power and filling mass graves daily with the Iraqi people.

That hypocrisy is no accident. You show me anyone who demonizes others to make herself sound kind and caring, and I will show you a callous and brutal hypocrite exploiting human misery for her own self-serving aggrandizement.

So, put that act on a little thicker, Woolsey. Dump on the Channel No. 5. Maybe then you’ll be fooling someone besides yourself.

Intellectual Burlesque

March 31, 2008

The Situation

Basra is Iraq’s only port. Which means that there is a river of stuff to steal flowing through it. Take away law and order from a city like that, and even an intellectual ought to be able to deduce what will happen. For four years the British faked it there, doing nothing to maintain law and order. Last summer the situation had gotten so bad that, for their own safety, they completely withdrew to the airport and let the city descend into chaos. Gangs of criminal thugs ran amok. The police were corrupt, rather like in Chicago during the days of Al Capone – part of the problem/mob, not the solution. Criminals ran amok, robbing, raping, looting to their heart’s content in broad daylight. Various Shias militias ran amok too, some of which tried to impose a Taliban-style reign of terror, murdering shopkeepers who sold alcohol, beating women alone on the street or women uncovered, killing Christians on sight, and so on. In other words, they were just a Shia version of al-Qaeda. Iran was stoking and arming this conflagration.

What happens

The Iraqi government takes action, moving in with the Iraqi army to establish law and order.

What the intellectuals do

They don’t see a sovereign government acting to rescue the populace of Basra from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They don’t see a sovereign government of Shia leaders acting to disarm private Shia armies plundering the Iraqi city that happens to be the heart of the Iraqi economy. They don’t see legitimate authority acting to bring armed gangs of thugs and terrorists under control and establish law and order so the people of Basra can dare to walk their own streets.

No, “the people who think” see some nebulous, unnamed and mysterious “violence” erupting like chicken pox here and there. Though it is Shias confronting Shias, they pretend it is “sectarian violence,” not the legitimate enforcement of law and order. They wring their hands and worry, worry, worry that Iraq is “descending into chaos.”

What it means

It means that the intellectuals think this is bad and a worsening of the situation = that the maelstrom of robbing and raping and killing and bullying the poplulace was preferable.

In short, it means that our “humanitarian” and “peace-loving” intellectuals are rank hypocrites and pseudointellctuals who don’t want law and order in Basra and Iraq. They view an effort to establish it as just (gasp) “violence” and evil.

So, whose side are they on? 

They NEVER call ANYTHING what it IS!

People who think like this belong in a psyche ward. They are so crazed, stupid, and spaghetti-brained that they think you and I are even stupider than they are = that we don’t know what their crazy irrationale means.

Earth to intellectuals: I, for one, will not let you keep on insulting our intelligence this way. I defend us by giving you the slap in the mouth for it that you have coming. Stupid and crazy is as stupid and crazy does, and that’s you.

Because the only war their kind care about is the one in Washington. To hell with how many Iraqis die – they want failure in Iraq so they can say a Republican in the White House failed.

Which is utter brutality to the Iraqi people and treason to the rest of us.

Brits Fake It in Basra

March 30, 2008

Guardian Headline: British army joins battle to control Basra.

Well, not exactly. If you read the article you find that the useless Brits have just lobbed a few artillery shells at a mortar position in Basra.

They call THAT engaging in the fight.

After four years of looking the other way while Basra imploded into anarchy and chaos, with gangs of thugs of every stripe robbing, murdering, and terrorizing the populace to their hearts’ content, the British do-nothings finally get shamed (by the Iraqis and Americans moving in to establish law and order) into lobbing a few artillery shells at a mortar position from a nice, safe distance way out of town.

The British army spokesman in Basra, Major Tom Holloway, tried to deny that the Brits’ were too cowardly to do anything but sit on their bums by telling the BBC that “This is something we were always prepared to do.”

Wow, willing to fire off a few artillery shells from 10 miles away – how heroic. That’s all you Great Brits are prepared to do: from the airport, many miles out of range of return fire, shoot artillery at a lone mortar position too far away to even see. 

Now, if American troops were doing that, the Guardian would be screaming bloody murder about the inaccuracy of such strikes and all the collateral damage and civilian casualities that would result. But check out the article – not a peep about that when British troops are doing it.

That’s nationalism.

In fact, it’s the same story in Afghanistan. We avoid using weapons systems that are likely to cause civilian casualties. Instead, we take on the increased risk of greater American casualties by coming in with ground troops. But not our European “allies.” They kill far more more civiilians than our troops do, and have incurred the hatred of many Afghans for doing that, because they always come in like cowards, with air strikes or some other form of overkill.

Notice the lying caption below the picture in that Guardian article, too: “A British soldier patrols the northern suburbs of the southern Iraqi city of Basra.”

Yeah, “patrolling” all right, in a helicopter.

Lie. Lie. Lie.

But neither the British planes nor helicoptors will come down low enough over the city to shoot…again, because then they could get shot back at. Yes! Even that’s too dangerous for them! Since they have artillery, and it’s safer yet for them, that’s what they use, no matter how many innocent civilians get killed.

This is the heart of the Euopean psyche: it cares about NO ONE but themselves. The “humanitarian” mask is just a cover for that odious fact about this depraved culture. They are no different than they were during the two world wars – just (thank goodness) much less powerful now, is all.

Message to the UK: Get your useless troops out of there even sooner than you had you had planned. Everything you do is a phony show.

Brits: Hurry Up and Get Out of Iraq Today

March 29, 2008

What the hell have the British been doing in Basra all this time to leave such a mess?

Faking it, that’s what:

As British troops withdraw from Basra, good men die

 This week proves our retreat from Basra was one of Britain’s great military disasters

Maybe it’s about time our so-called “friends” and “allies” began to concern themselves whith what WE think of THEM. I say it’s time to stop trying to please to the impossible to please and just write them off as what they are – “friends” and “allies” only when they need something from us.

And as for their being “humanitarian,” gag me with a spoon.

Whether you Brits like it or not, your government joined in the war; your troops were thus given a section of the country to oversee, and it was their responsibility to do so. But for all of your Rudyard Kiplingesque, vaunted-and-taunted “colonialist” past, your sorry excuses for soldiers did nothing the entire time they were there except to sit on their bums and watch complacently while Basra imploded around them. My husband, the freelance journalist Steven Vincent, was abducted off the streets of Basra in August 2005 by five men in police uniforms, held for hours, beaten and shot to death, literally two days after he had an article in the NY Times about how the do-nothing British were allowing the situation down there to spiral completely out of control. On his first trip to Basra in February 2004 he spoke with the officers overseeing things; he asked how they could just stand and watch as Christians were murdered in the streets, alcohol sellers were assassinated, owners of music and video stores had their places firebombed and were told not to re-open on pain of death, women not wearing “proper” clothing were beaten and threatened with violence and murder if they did not cover up. Their reply – “Not our problem, mate”. Great. Just great. So your government accepts the responsibility of going into a combat situation, and your soldiers spend the next 4 years wanking and drinking tea, a bunch of military Bartleby the Scriveners, saying nothing but “I would prefer not to” whenever they were asked for help. Their forerunners who died in the Battle of Britain, El Alamein, Tobruk and so many other places, to say nothing of General Montgomery, must be spinning in their graves. And whether you consider the war to be just or not, the fact remains that British inaction doomed countless numbers of innocent Iraqis, and one brave American journalist, to violence, torture, torment and death. You all ought to be ashamed.