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The Ugly White House Press Corps

March 25, 2008

You’ve really got to see it to believe it. Tune in to C-SPAN’s coverage of the daily White House Press Briefing to see how the ugliness of the journalists of the White House Press Corps has come out in their faces.

If you thought Helen Thomas was hard to look at, you should see the men. Such an ugly, ugly, ugly bunch you never saw. Their ugly pusses are cemented into permanent scowls so brittle you think they’re going to crack.

They don’t even look real anymore – rather like a bunch of creeps in ugly masks.

“Watchdogs of democracy” my ass. What arrogance. Who elected them? I must have missed it: were they established as the so-called “4th estate” in Article 1, Article 2, or Article 3 of the Constitution? The insufferable hubris and presumptuousness of these clowns. They are self-appointed to the office they invented and claim to hold. They aren’t guarding our democracy: they’re trying to subvert it – to control the government themselves for us ignorant unwashed masses.

And if they have to deceive us into voting the way they think we should, they will.

Newsflash, morons: Your freakin job is to report the news period!

But they collect no news at all anymore. They aren’t reporters anymore: they think they’re prosecutors who will never, ever, ever give up until they’ve badgered the witness into confessing. That’s the only kind of question they ask (besides arguing policy with the president’s spokeperson): the most flagrant dishonesty, leading questions, badgering questions, captious questions, putting words in the press secretary’s mouth, twisting things – they are totally naked and shameless anymore in their obsessive-compulsive need to falsely incriminate “this administration,” to extort a confession of guilt, of error, and to take personal responsibility for the deaths of everyone killed in Iraq.

They can’t stop. There obviously are not enough psychiatrists in Washington DC.


Reverse Racism

March 24, 2008

This is heresy, but it’s about time we had the guts to acknowledge the existence of black racism. Black hatred of whites and Hispanics.

Blacks themselves should stop and think. It’s hurting THEM.

Think of the us-vs-them attitude it instills in young blacks and then wonder why 40% of the prison population is black.

Think of how it handicaps the self-confidence of blacks. How many does it instill with an envy of the money in white pockets because they don’t believe they can earn as much themselves? Why should they try to succeed when they have been told that racism will just hold them down? Think of how this myth enslaves them to the political party that buys their vote in a block with tax-dollar handouts and racial preferences.

In short, think of how it perpetuates poverty and keeps blacks way over-represented among the poor.

There are blacks who know this and are speaking out against it. It’s about time their fellow blacks started listening to these black voices of common sense and sanity.

The high-powered black leaders are serving their own interests, not those of blacks in general. They exaggerate white racism 100-fold, detecting a white racist behind every bush. Why? Because they become nobody the moment they admit that white racism is rare and no longer the huge problem they make it out to be. In other words, they create the myth of rampant racism to give themselves a reason to exist. Their ability to deliver the black vote in a block on a platter makes them wealthy and powerful. And it’s about time the average black person thought twice and realized this.

And we don’t need the black-on-brown race wars in Los Angeles.

Indeed, any objective observer must admit that racism is rare in whites compared to how common it is among blacks and Hispanics.

Why? Because it is TOLERATED among blacks and Hispanics, that’s why. Double standards are double standards.

90% of Hispanics vote against the black (for Clinton) and 90% of blacks vote for the black (Obama). That’s OK. But what if 90% of the whites voted for the white? THAT would be racism.

Shame on us: we whites don’t like being treated so unfairly.

And we don’t like being hated for the color of our skin either, duh. We are sick of walking on eggshells – unable to criticize any black person for fear of having our character assassinated as a “racist.”

It’s absurd to thus make blacks (like Barack Obama) infallible. No matter what he does, you’re a racist if you notice. He gets the benefit of unreasonable doubt, while your inner motives and intents are divined to be evil. That sucks.

And what are we to make of this black animosity toward us? Like it won’t make us fear blacks? How does THAT help matters? Then blacks just persecute us for fearing them. Catch-22.


Paramus Paladin

March 18, 2008

Is he normal?

Many victims of psychological harassment suffer from physical ailments, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, stress, fatigue, depressive states, burn outs, and in some cases suicide. Many are unable to continue working and suffer financial loss.

In some cases the causes are over work, unrealistic work demands, withholding information and resources, arbitrary removal of responsibilities, public humiliation, consistent over time, lack of professional autonomy, favoritism and nepotism, excessive competitive work environment, disorganized working conditions, ambiguous tasks or contradictory tasks, tasks that are deprived of purpose, constant threats of dismissal, leadership styles, lack of communication, and intimidation.

Violence has different forms: Physical and Psychological. Many safe guards have been put in place to prevent physical violence in our society but few if any exist to prevent psychological violence.Psychological harassment has many forms: the most common being verbal abuse. Some tactics aim at trying to humiliate or weaken the morale of individuals or groups.Mobbing also referred to by some as bullying, psychological terrorism, and organizational violence is described as a collective form of psychological violence in which many individuals unite to persecute an individual by making constant negative remarks, repeated criticism or sarcasm, intimidation, threats, insinuations, try to humiliate, circulate false information concerning the individual, and to socially isolate the individual. Mobbing is a way of destroying a person without using any physical means, a psychological war of nerves with wear the individual out tactics. A group attacks an individual’s dignity, integrity, self-image, self-confidence, self-esteem, place in doubt of competence, threaten their careers, and means of subsistence.

Or is he a psychopath/malignant narcissist having a blast?

More on Double Standards

March 13, 2008

Here’s more evidence of where all most of the racism is in this country.

Hispanics vote in a block for Clinton. Asked why, Zogby puts it delicately: they feel that Obama might not be “concerned” enough about their “needs,” that he might serve black people’s “needs” only.

So, it’s about the gravy train.

But what if whites voted in a block for Clinton for the same reason? What if whites felt that Obama wasn’t concerned about their needs and out to serve black people’s needs only? You can hear the screams of “racism” now, can’t you?

The Towering Stupidity of New Yorkers

March 13, 2008

NYT Headline: Spitzer Resigns in Sex Scandal and Turns His Attention to Healing His Family

Is the air too thin way up thar in them thar skyscrapers?

I like the way the NYT dishes out credibility. Like people with their brains crammed into their skulls upside-down and backwards. 

Besides, what the Great Pretender actually said was that he was leaving political life “to concentrate on healing himself and his family.”

Healing himself.  Within 6 months, he’ll have succeeded in making himself a victim. And he will rise again, mark my words. Again, over the trashed good names of others.

This is the weirdo the escort service was worried about because of his kinky and unsafe demands. Duh, but that means nothing to a dumb-cluck New Yorker. He was a Democrat crusading against evil big business, so what could be wrong with him?

This is a guy (like John Mcain) whom most people in his own party whov’e had to work with him can’t stand but fear to speak up publicaly about why. But what’s wrong with being a “steamroller” in a dumb-cluck New Yorker’s eyes? And what’s wrong with having a terrible temper that attacks out of the blue, so long as the next day he acts like his abuse of you didn’t happen? That’s good, right?

This is the scum who tried to frame a friend and benefactor as the one in that motel room that night. Even that putrid act means nothing , right? Only if you’re a dumb-cluck New Yorker.

I think we’d better go back and make sure he put no one innocent in jail.

And these New Yorkers are the same dumb clucks who claim the President is the one with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They wouldn’t know it if it bit them in the nose.

Double Standards

March 12, 2008

What if there were a Congressional white caucus? What if there were an annual “State of the White Union” convention? What if a Christian church had this blazoned across its marketing materials:

We are a congregation which is Unashamedly White and Unapologetically Christian…

What if 90% of whites voted for the only white candidate?

Press Disables Our Best Military Commanders

March 12, 2008

Feel powerful now, you jackasses? How much do the enemies of America pay you to write fiction?

RIP Representative Tom Lantos

February 11, 2008

Good night, sweet prince, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Representaive Tom Lantos D-California

a Statesman, Congressman Lantos
towering above all the politicians around him


May 27, 2007


Pretty bird. Till you see what happens when they see a scrap to fight over.

Kinda like Democrats and Republicans. How pretty their image makers make them seem. Till you see them tearing this country apart in their eternal squabble over it, as if it’s but a scrap for them to contest possession of.

Notice how they even use a military term of war in calling it “occupying” the White House.

They don’t care about America: they care only about gaining power over it. Ruling it. They harm it recklessly and without a second thought whenever doing so helps them disgrace and oust the other Party in the next election.

I usually lambaste the Democrats for this, but that doesn’t mean I think the Republicans are saints. Since they are the party in power right now, they are the more responsible and the better behaved. True, they have never stooped to what the Democrats are doing – sabatoging foreign policy, fanning the flames of anti-Americanism, and even hindering the conduct of war while encouraging our enemies to keep believing they can win, but just give the Republicans time to sink to that level. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, the next time a Democrat “occupies” the White House, the Republicans don’t soil themselves as badly by doing the same damned thing.

So, here’s to you birds: you traitors make me sick.

Presidents of either party are the least to blame. It’s the Congress that really stinks.

Hey, boys and girls, who signs your paycheck? The Party treasurer? or us? I think it’s about time we docked your pay for every minute you spend serving your party instead of the American people. That’s what the Comminist Party of the Soviet Union was all about – its own power, not the nation or its people, which it treated as mere booty – and you are becoming more like it every day.

Oh-oh, we are guilty of people in Iran dressing wrong.

May 25, 2007

But then we are guilty whenever anyone in Antarctica passes gas, too.

No kidding. There isn’t anything that doesn’t get blamed on America. A BBC reporter tried to even get an interviewee to say that America could be to blame for the tsunami. Apparatly he thinks the weather causes earthquakes, and America is to blame for bad weather, of course.

America = God Almighty then, right? Jeez, don’t you think the rest of the world should scale down their estimate of our importance a bit?

Anyway, here is some good news: Esmaeil Ahmadi, commander in chief of Iran’s “Disciplinary Forces” (i.e., police) said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic “is stronger than ever, both nationally and internationally.”

You just know that when they feel compelled to declare that that the opposite is true.

I don’t know whether overthrow is possible, whether there is enough support among Iranians for it. But I do know that the people of a country are responsible for its government. They should remember that when their government is busy using them as sacrificial propaganda offerings in a war with the United States.

They have the power to overthrow it. They have the right to overthrow it. They have the moral obligation to overthrow it. Let’s see if they can lift a finger for themselves and do it.