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The French Open

June 4, 2007

Rafael Nadal

The top four seeds have made it into the quarterfinals of the French Open. Raphael Nadal is going to be very hard to beat. Bjorn Borg considers Roger Federer the favorite, and since he beat Rafa recently on clay, that makes sense.

But, was Rafa just worn out in Hamberg? or has Roger really found a way to beat the Spaniard on clay?


Want some real tennis tips?

May 16, 2007

Ha! here’s another one: 66 Tennis Tips + Your Tennis Tip for Today.

I like how many times she got the words tennis, tip, and tips in there. Sounds like she’s doing the only thing you can do about such a farce, make fun of it.

I mean when your site is more than 100 pages of tennis tips, everyone knows that. So, you don’t need to state the obvious by making the word tennis (or tips) echo in every other sentence. That’s bad writing. It’s not just superfluous language, it sounds bad and detracts from the main thrust of what each sentence should say.

But the search engine bots demand this annoying writing. Because they are stupid machines that understand English about as well as most of us understand traditional Chinese.

To see what I mean, just run a search for “tennis tips.” Look at what comes out on top as the “best sources” for “tennis tips.” It’s a joke.

Actually those “best” sources of tennis tips are getting better lately. They almost have failed to just keep talking about tennis tips without actually giving any. Indeed, they have almost given a legitimate tennis or tip or two.

In other words, they almost now deliver on their promise of tennis tips by actually giving one now and then. I mean, it must be hard NOT to after awhile.

It must be hard to faithfully remain nothing but an online BILLBOARD you sucker people to look at so you get money for any link to tennis tips they might click.

Don’t get me wrong: it ain’t the presence of ads on a site that makes it parasitic spam: it’s the fact that the site exists only to derive revenue from ads on it the webmaster can get you to click. To do that, they know just how to blow verbiage that fools the search engine bots while deliberately denying you the kind of information the search engine said you could expect to receive there.

No, you don’t get what you’re promised. You just get sent to a middleman who makes money by pointing you to the REAL sources of the information you want. They are paying sources, of course, so they charge you for those tennis tips. The only free sources the parasitic middleman will mention are but a token few to retain deniability.

The search engines love these spam sites. I’m beginning to think it’s time to give it up: no machine will ever be able to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

The Difference Between Tennis Strategy and Tactics

May 15, 2007

Here is the best (in fact, the only) explanation of the difference between tennis strategy and tennis tactics:

Tennis Tactics 

I guess it clarifies the difference between tactics and strategy generally, too.

Roger Federer in Slow Motion

March 27, 2007

Look at how well Federer keeps his eyes on the point of contact. And for how long after the ball is gone! Nobody else does that.

I’m begining to think that the secret to his success is that he keeps his head so still this way.

But notice how much the racket wobbles when contact isn’t dead center. Kinda makes you wonder about all those magazine photos showing a closed racket face right after contact, doesn’t it?

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