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Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski Needs Senate Censure and Anger Management Program

April 18, 2008

The still shots below make it clear what Senator Mikulski is doing. But the kicker is when you find out what she’s saying – what she’s accusing the VICTIM of doing. (A perfect example of “projection.”)

Earth to Mikulski: If you are farting, just do it. Please don’t do it while accusing the person you’re farting at of …. guess what? Farting, of course. Of all things, farting.

That’s no accident: THAT is diabolical, sweetie. And it’s an insult to our intelligence, so prepare to have your own (justly) insulted by me in return. I’m sure it’s the only language a dope like you understands.

To be specific, your description of your victim’s behavior was a perfect description of your own: “pugnacious, scolding, snarky, dismissive, outrageous” and blah, blah, blah — in a word, abusive.

That’s your favorite dirty trick, isn’t it? Misdirection, like a magician’s. So that nobody notices what you are busy doing on one hand, you point at the victim with the other to scream at HIM for being the one who is screaming.

Shame on me for calling you a bitchjust because you tried to intimidate a witness (the President’s Budget Director) by:

  • yelling in a flagrantly abusive tone at him
  • constantly shaking your fist (sometimes both of them) at him while you constantly kept thrusting your chest, chin, and lower lip out at him in a melodramatically pugnacious scowl
  • while angrily bouncing up and down in your seat as if you were so angry that he’d better watch out because you were so mad you might just go off and fly out of your seat, unable to contain yourself
  • furiously waving your arms everywhichway in the air in a perfect imitation of Adolph Hitler’s antics in one of his patented “Jew rants”
  • constantly rudely jabbing your pointed finger at him
  • badgering him with a question he had already answered several times
  • butting in and shouting him down to not let him speak by when he tried to give information that would prove you wrong.

And all for what? For his TONE! Yes, for – for of all things – HIS tone.

Very funny, bitch.

HIS tone was the very ANTITHESIS of yours!!! His tone was respectful, reasonable, even deferential, polite, calm, patient, and totally PROFESSIONAL. YOUR tone was that of a thug! And anyone not halucinating on LSD can see that in the video.

If your ugly misbehavior doesn’t make you the very pinnacle of perfection of bitch-hood, nothing could.

And, speaking of “smoke,” your “smokestacks” was “stove pipes,” you moron. He was talking about the stove-piping of funds (earmarking) instead of letting law enforcement use the grant money as they think best.

So, “stove pipe” / “smoke stack” — it’s all the same to muddle-headed you, isn’t it? Is that what happens to everything someone tries to get through your head? It all just gets mushed like that?

Where is the Ethics Committee? Since when is such thuggish, emotionally unbalanced conduct becoming a United States senator? Who votes for this surly nut? The State of Maryland, that’s who. Congratulations, people of Maryland: you’ve done yourselves proud.


Maxine Waters Character Assassin

April 16, 2008

Two questions.

1. Since when is it legitimate to accuse someone OF PLANNING TO do something wrong? That is accusing someone of something you know they haven’t done. It’s a con job, a dirty, fast-talking trick. You just pull this stunt by saying they haven’t done it … “yet,” duh.

2. How can anyone not brain-dead fall for such crap?

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is at it again. Presumably because the people of Los Angeles who elect her are brain dead.

Guess when the last time we saw that denunciatory stunt was? During the Spanish Inquisition, that’s when. The crime was “suspicion of heresy.” A joke. A fucking joke. People were condemned on suspicion that they MIGHT do something wrong in the future.

That’s the Democratic Party – resorting to the odious tactics of the Inquisition.

OK, Maxine. You accuse President Bush of planning to mislead us into war with Iran. You admit that you can’t prove it. But, you say, “some people” suspect it.

Who? Your aunt Nellie? And your Uncle Bob? Who? Don’t give us that “some people” crap. Name them or shut up.

Then you launch into your indictment, never again for the rest of your hour-long rant allowing that this is mere “suspicion” on your part. The rest of your speech ignores your original disclaimer and carries on as a formal indictment.

Your shitmouth CONJECTURE of what someone MAY do wrong TOMMORROW is a legitimate accusation?

No, it’s illegitimate. It’s deceitful, irresponsible rhetoric, which is probably why you had to project the sin of using “irresponisible deceitful rhetoric” off onto the victim of your irresponsible, deceitful rhetoric.

Yes, folks, whatever the Democrats are accusing someone else of doing, they are invariably in the very act of doing themselves. Check it out. It’s the Oldest Trick in the Book: the serpent pulled it on Eve.

And what is Waters’ sole “reason” for saying so? The statements of the President, his administrators, and the military about what Iran is doing. Yes, she has no criticism of Iran for what it says and does. But she condemns “this administration” for saying anything about it! For not ignoring it all!

Iran officially holds mass prayer service rallies for a “a world without America.” The Iranian President keeps calling for the annihilation of Israel. For decades, Iran’s leaders have insulted and demonized us by calling America “the Great Satan.” They did something no other country in the world has ever been sleazy enough to do: they attacked our embassy and held our diplomats hostage. Iran boasts about training terrorists for export. For example, Iran trained, armed, and used Hesbollah (commanded by Iranian military) as their proxy army in Lebanon to attack Israel. They routinely threaten to send some of these terrorist units to attack us here in our homeland. They arm and train terrorists and militias (of both Sunni and Shia) to blow up civilians and kill Americans in Iraq. They instigate sectarian conflict by blowing up mosques, and they ship weapons into Iraq to kill Americans with. Iran even sends its own military into Iraq to lead forces against us. Iran is developing ballistic missiles and the capability to make nuclear weapons.

And what has See-No-Evil Hear-No-Evil Speak-No-Evil Waters got to say about all that Iranian war-mongering? Nothing. Not one peep.

No, according Fruitcake Waters, Iran can do all that, and because our president and his administration warn them to stop it, OUR side is one in the wrong.

ARE YOU STARK, RAVING MAD, LADY? Is your brain crammed into your skull upside-down and backwards? You are like someone who silently watches a rape as if nothing is happening and then screams bloody muder while pointing the accusing finger at the victim because she she yelled at the rapist to stop it.

And here’s the kicker: Nutcase Waters accuses US of DEMONIZING THEM. Yes, the Iranians call us “the Great Satan” 20 times a day for 30 years, and Waters accuses US of demonizing THEM.

Very funny.

What would our government have to do to please you perverts? Act like it wasn’t happening? Indeed, that is the only thing your censure would allow this president to do = ACT LIKE IT AIN’T HAPPENING! Because, if he says anything about it, you accuse him of war-mongering!

HIM!!! Not THEM!!!

Are you cracked, lady? Or just, plain wicked?

In either case, we know whose side you’re on, don’t we? Fair’s fair. Here’s a dose of your own medicine. I accuse you of being a propagandist for Iranian government. That’s treason. “Some people” suspect that, you know.

While you’re at it, why not accuse Mr. Bush of planning to beat his wife on Saturday? You have just as much grounds to. That would be just as legitimate. Why not accuse him of planning to nuke to France? You have just as much grounds to. It would be just as legitimate.

You can accuse him of anything in the world that way, can’t you? Anything.

That’s moral mayhem, because there is no defense at such lowdown and unfair tactics of character assassination. How can the accused prove a negative? How can he prove that he will NOT do something in the future? You are disgusting. You do this all the time, every time you open your vicious, assault-weapon mouth. You are a litmus test for decency. Where is the Ethics Committee?

Obama Rama

April 15, 2008

I love Barack Obama’s message. It is exactly what I had longed to hear.

He calls for an end to the politics of character assassination and game-playing and gridlock. He calls for Democrats and Republicans to LISTEN to each other, to agree when they can, to find common ground, and to SERVE THIS COUNTRY instead of their power-hungry political parties.

Hooray for Obama’s message! It’s THE winner!

As for his color, I couldn’t care less…except that I am so sick of the European myth that there is a racist under every bush here that I would really like to see a black president. Maybe that would make the Euro harpies finally shut up – do you think?

Though I like Mr. Bush, I would love a president as articulate as Obama. That’s always a plus.

So, what’s my problem with Obama? I don’t trust him. At all. He sets off my Con-Artist red alert.

A man who loves this country doesn’t sit in the pew of a pastor who cries “God damn America!” from the pulpet for 20 years. A pastor who tells the most vicious lies about America. A racist pastor who foments hatred of whites.

And then Obama donates tens of thousands of dollars to this organization to boot? He won’t even apologize and disavow it? Not a sign of good faith.

Give me a break. Actions speak louder than words: Obama has no love for this country and is sympathetic to black racism if he belongs to an institution like that. All his talky-talk to the contrary is therefore a lie.

And, call me “picky,” I don’t want a president who associates with those who hate America and promote black racism.

And I just don’t understand the people blowing off these glaringly serious warning signs about the man. Come out of Ga-Ga Land, please!

That’s the main reason I fear Obama, and all his slick, sidewinding doublespeak just nails the case against him down tight. That Wright speech, with its sidewinding and false moral equivalence should have been a warning to all. Condemning free trade while telling the Canadian government not to worry that he meant it is not something that voters should blow off. His liberal elitist pandering by looking down his nose at Middle Americans is another thing that should set off the red alerts. What does he have to do to before the Kool-Aid Kids on his bandwagon wake up?

I would prefer a purely narcissistic president like Hillary to one whose motives truly seem as nefarious as a street con artist’s.

The Liberal Elitists

April 14, 2008

Yes, my fellow Americans, people on the East Coast and on the West Coast, especially in California and New England – who pride themselves in being so intelligent and unprejudiced – are actually ridiculously prejudiced and bigoted AND too stupid to even know bigotry when they are spouting it.

I ran into this truth in the 1980s on my first trip to California. When people I met asked me where I was from and I said, “Wisconsin,” it was like I’d laid egg or something. I couldn’t believe it. It took two full weeks and 30 or 40 instances for me to believe my eyes and ears. Yes, I finally had to admit: these Californians were really THAT stupid!

Yes, these “sophisticated” Californians think predjudice = racism. Because their thinking cannot penetrate buzzwords and empty slogans, so they don’t know that geographical predjudice is just as wrong and stupid and narcissistic as any other kind.

How “intellectual,” how “sophisticated.” Are they then not as “provincial” as can be?

The whole lot of them!

Since then I’ve come to see why.

Notice that if anything unusual happens on the street in San Francisco or New York City, the first thing the bystanders do is take a quick look around to see how others are reacting. Then they follow suit. And the whole lot of them gang-up on and insult anyone who doesn’t conform by reacting the same way they all do.

Ah, “tolerance.”

That’s what middle-school-age kids do = immature people ruled by peer pressure and a compelling need to “fit in.” In other words, they are cattle. They have no mind of their own = have no mind.

Which is why when you pass a herd of cattle, you find more than 90% facing the same direction. Always. It’s just mindless. That’s what mindless cattle do.

Which is why the mob on either coast is so childish and so prone to magical thinking. Whatever it takes to conform. It’s also why a poll of them on any hot-button issue comes out lopsided, with over 90% agreeing. Just like those cattle.

Obama was just flattering them by playing to the bigotry that props up their self-flattering egos. Which is why they think the whole, vast middle of this country is just some wasteland for their egos to “flyover.”

How pathetic.

The poor saps are not “elite.” They are elitist. They are not “intellectual.” They are “intellectualistic.” Thank God for the Electoral College, or these densely packed herds of cattle would be numerous enough to run the country…

right off that cliff ahead of their stampede.

Impeach Pelosi

April 11, 2008

The screwball is all mouth and no brain. Today she tipped her head back, looking down her nose at the press, and declared that the obstacle to peace in Iraq is not al-Qaeda, not the sectarian militias, not Iran, not any insurgeants, but rather the Iraqi government.

That makes it pretty clear whose side she’s on.

She is therefore the enemy of the Iraqi government, our ally. She is trying to bring down what America is trying to support.

Impeach obnoxious Nancy Pelosi, the Mouth of the House.

The Democratic Party: The Enemy Within

April 11, 2008

Senator Joe Lieberman put it best yesterday when he said the Democrats were playing “See-No-Progress-in-Iraq, Hear-No-Progress-in-Iraq, and above all, Speak-No-Progress-in-Iraq.”

The Democrat doublespeak and confused gobbledygook to give a false impression are intolerable. It’s time they got a little of what they dish out.

They will not allow the President or the Republicans to do one good thing for this country. They will NOT allow it. For fear that if the President or the Republicans succeeded in doing anything good, people might vote for them.

So, the goddam, traitorous Democrats act AGAINST this country at every turn, just to win the next election.

This former Democrat is so furious with them that I vow never to vote for another Democrat again – not unless he or she vows to have a backbone and stand up to the corrupt party bosses.

The Democratic boss of the House of Representatives is so far gone on her heady power trip that she doesn’t even know enough not to brag about holding the Columbia Trade Agreement hostage in an effort at political blackmail to bully the President and Republicans into letting her ram completely unrelated legislation down their throats. Yes, she doesn’t even know right from wrong anymore: she says, “If you want me to let the House vote on this agreement, you must bribe me by promising to accept my legislation on other matters.

She and Ted Kennedy’s Puppet Boss in the Senate (Senator Harry Reid) do the same thing with the funding of our troops in Iraq. They are holding this legislation hostage too, demanding that they be allowed to corrupt it with all sorts of their their little vote-bribing additions to pay off their special interests on totally unrelated legislation.

Otherwise, the tempestuous Democratic brats stubbornly refuse to even let the matter come up for a vote.

It is the Congress that is trashing the Constitution, not the Executive Branch. The Congressional Democrats deny the separation of powers and demand the right to oversee the President. Duh, did you morons ever hear of the concept of “coequal powers”? Are you so addle-headed that you think a “coequal power is one you oversee? What a bunch of idiots.

They now want to legislate troop rotations even! Right.

First they lie by making it seem as though troop rotations have always been 15 months on /12months off, when they have been that way only temporarily during the surge. Then they claim the authority to legislate troop rotations, admitting that they will start at 12 months on/12 months off. But, they say they want to go to 12 months on/24 months off. That would in effect cut the size of the deployable force in half!

Power grabbing, power grabbing, power grabbing. They are thoroughly corrupt and drunk on power. Every single thing they say and do is all about getting more power, not about what’s good for this country.

Congress has no right to dictate troop rotations. Hey, you power-hungry Constitution trashers. Show some respect for our form of government. You are not the Commander in Chief.

This former Democrat is sick of us having to fight the enemy within – you Democrats – as well as our enemies abroad over everything. You block all efforts to control our borders. You block all efforts to eavesdrop on terrorist communications. You block all efforts to increase our energy supplies and decrease the cost. You block all foreign policy efforts. You block foreign trade agreements that will get rid of tariffs on American exports. You block all efforts to win the war. You ARE the enemy.

You childish brats don’t take anything seriously but yourselves.

More than 60 days ago you said need 30 days to consider the FISA law. Why have you still not gotten around to allowing us to tap the communications of foreign terrorists to other foreign terrorists without a probably cause warrant? Why won’t you bullies even allow a vote? Because you know you’ll lose, that’s why.

That’s “democracy”? My ass. That’s dictatorship, Comrade Pelosi.

Whose side are you on? You are reckless of the safety of the American people.

Not one word you say is anything but campaigning. You serve the Democratic Party, not the American people. Let San Francisco break off and float out to sea. I am sick of those Left Wing Magical Thinking Machines. They will never grow up.

Ted Kennedy’s casual lies

April 7, 2008

While stumping for Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy told one of his many casual lies. To exaggerate the Iraq War out of all proportion, he characterized it as very long, longer than WWI and WWII.

He dumped that shit on you Democrats to dupe you for your ignorance of the fact that the World Wars were short (because of their horrendous intensity) and that the real “war” of Iraq was very short, over in a matter of weeks. The counterinsurgency following is not long at all, since counterinsurgencies almost always last for at least 10 years.

To show his utter contempt for the truth, Kennedy said that the Iraq War is no “almost as long as the Vietnam War.” In this he is again insulting you for your “intellectual” ignorance. The Iraq War is nowhere near as long as the Vietnam War was. Not even close.

Vietnam War: 1959 – April 30 1975. American involvement 1960-1975 (15 years).

And guess who got us into that war? Ted Kennedy’s exalted brother, President John Kennedy.

Yes, Ted Kennedy is a joker, and the joke’s on YOU.

When shall we ever be done with hearing Ted Kennedy invoke his brother John as a god? Ted does this too to insult your intelleigeance, for neither John Kennedy nor Robert Kennedy were socialists like Ted Kennedy is. They were ANTI-socialists, fierce anti-socialists who would be center-right on most issues today and center-left on a few issues today.

Another Ted Kennedy insult is his glorification of the race for the moon initiated by John Kennedy, which he implies that Barack Obama would emulate. Think, pee-brains: wouldn’t Ted Kennedy scream bloody murder over such an effort today? He would be screaming that the money for the space program was evil and should be taken from taxpayers by the Democrats to bribe the votes of people who want handouts.

Ted Kennedy tried to ride his brothers’ coattails into the Oval office in 1980. When CBS asked him the simple question why he thought he should be president, he sat there mouth-breathing as if incredulous at the question. He had no answer. (See the recent C-SPAN Q and A program for the film clip.)

It was evident to the whole nation that he thought he should be the Leader of the Free World just because he is a Kennedy and it was now his turn. He was rejected. And ever since, he has made himself the Party Boss, the man running the show from behind the scenes, the man who wants his puppet in the White House.

The one really good thing the Clintons did for this country was to create another pole of power in the Democratic Party, limiting the power of Kennedy’s thuggish tactics to bully elected Democrats into doing whatever he commands.

So, all you naive Kool-Aide drinkers, having Ted Kennedy back you is not a plus in the eyes of most Americans. Maybe it’s time you edjicated yourselves by Googling to find out about his past.


Where are the British when we need them? Come and burn down Washington again for us, please.

April 4, 2008

Though my rants usually take the Democrats to task, I really wonder about the Republicans too. They don’t respond to the misconduct like they should. And their failure to do so makes hypocrites of them too.

I’ll use the best example I can recall. It was the Senate Confirmation hearing for Justice Sam Alito. The thuggish conduct of the Democrats was deplorable, just sickening. They lied their heads off and twisted everything to deliberately falsely incriminate this good and decent man as some sort of evil person.

Newsflash moral imbeciles: that is pure, unadulterated malice. There is nothing more odious that you can do to a human being. And how low must your moral IQ be if I need to tell you that?

In other words, it wasn’t enough to oppose Alito’s nomination on the grounds that they didn’t like his past decisions, they had to demonize him. Time and again, their anti-logic and cherry picking proved beyond all doubt that they were INTENTIONALLY making an innocent man out to be guilty! Intentionally!!! It was so flagrant. It was a litmus test for decency. It made you want to puke.

At one point, Mrs. Alito lost it and broke down into tears over what Senator Kennedy and Senator Feingold and the others were doing to her husband. Kennedy was no surprise, but Feingold and the others were: I had thought they were decent people with morals.

But obviously these moral imbeciles don’t know right from wrong anymore.

But wait – the kicker is that the Republicans weren’t outraged by this lynching. As though it was all just business as usual, they just repeated their counterarguments like broken records and mouth-breathed like the Democrats did to see Mrs. Alito so emotionally affected by what was going on.

In other words, all the politicians involved – both the Democrats and the Republicans – were emotional imbeciles, absolutely devoid of conscience and empathy.

What is the matter with these people? Has Washington sucked the humanity out of them?

Instead of just repeating their talking points like broken records, why did no Republican stand up and take the Democrats to task for their corrupt and MALICIOUS conduct? Why? Why was there no Republican anger over this outrage? Why?

Are the Republicans tin-men too, or what? I was totally amazed.

One day during this auto-da-fe, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program, a Republican staff lawyer explained this phenomenon that was bugging me. He said he had been talking to his father on the phone the day before and gotten a shock.

He was talking matter-of-factly with his father (back home in Middle America) about the hearing and his father knocked his socks off by saying that, obviously, he had been in Washington too long, if a cruel and despicable show like that was just Washington “business as usual” to him and didn’t rather outrage his sense of decency.

His father had to tell him that the average American in Middle America was sickened by such behavior and that being sickened by such behavior is NORMAL.

The lawyer was shamefaced and agreed that Washington DC does that people. It’s all about power, period. Nothing else is even a consideration – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. Their automaton brains are stuck on one thing: what to do or say right now to further my Party’s bid to rule Capitol Hill and occupy the White House. They are nothing but machines who act without considering anything else in the choices they make – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. None of that even enters their shrivelled-up brains. A dumb beast makes decisions morally superior to theirs.

So, what does this FACT make of all the moral posturing of BOTH sides on hot-button issues like welfare, abortion, racism, and social issues? Nothing but putrid hypocrisy to sucker votes, that’s what.

What is this place called Washington DC? It’s a swamp, isn’t it? A filled-in swamp. A fetid mal-aria still lingers over it. Let it return to swampland. Or let the British come to burn it down for us again.

Is Nancy Pelosi Crazy? Or Just a Liar?

April 4, 2008

The Democratic Party disgraces this this country with a Speaker of the House of Representatives who routinely calls press conferences to tell boldfaced lies. Her biggest whopper so far was claiming that al-Qaeda isn’t in Iraq: she says we must get out of Iraq and go fight al-Qaeda.

That loony toon just makes up her own reality and tries to cram it down our throats, doesn’t she?

She did that again today, when she lied by claiming that the Iraqi government pays “nothing” toward its its own reconstruction and defense.

Not once. Not twice. No less than three times she repeated this flagrant lie.

Anyone reasonably well informed knows that the Iraqi government is now paying the lion’s share of both the reconstruction projects and the costs of maintaining its own military.

Question for the subversive press: Why do you give Nancy Pelosi a pass to lie her head off THROUGH YOUR MOUTHS to the American people? You call yourselves “moral”?

Why do you quote such KNOWN and FLAGRANT lies, thus broadcasting the misinformation in them to the American people? Hey, Pravda, you call yourselves the “guardians of democracy”?

Are you reporters too ignorant/incompetent to know better than what she said? Or are you just liars in cahoots with lying Nancy Pelosi?

The morons of the press don’t think they are morally obligated to report this lie AND that it is a known lie. THAT is the “news” you good-for-nothing-but-leftist-propaganda “journalists” = the news is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a boldfaced liar run amok because she knows the press will report any lie she vomits as though it is truth.

Time for accountability among those who claim to be holding others accountable.

Notice, that the longer her nose gets (today it grew down to her knees, so that she had to stuff it down her blouse), the more she projects her lying in the very act by littering her speech with word “truth,” claiming to be shining the “bright light of truth” on some other unnamed but well-known person she accuses of being the “liar.”

The mentally ill always project their sin on the victim of it in very act of committing it. It’s the Oldest Trick in the Book: the serpent pulled it on Eve when he made God out to be the liar by saying, “God told you THAT?”

But I wonder if Pelosi really is “responsible” anymore. Just look at her. Just look at her face. Have you ever seen such extremely arched brows and such wide-open eyes as though they were seeing a ghost? More important, have you ever seen such eyebrows nailed permanently into that position before? Have you ever seen such wild eyes permanently fixed in that expression before?

Nancy Pelosi

Note all her bizarre expressions. The robotic smiles. Anyone can see that they are fake, that she just flashes them at the faces (mirrors) around her for effect and that they are no expression of what is within.

In fact, it’s the same with her whole bizarre portfolio of facial expressions. She switches from one to another like someone switching masks. One expression doesn’t melt into another as in normal people. Hers switch instantaneously and often inappropriately in a way that strikes you as pardody of normal human emotion.

Nancy Pelosi

Most of her face is as immobile as a stone, and she just adjusts the shape of her mouth, the tilt of her head, or the look in her eyes. Mechanically.

Not signs of mental health.

Nancy Pelosi

This isn’t just a rare accident of camera click. Watch her on TV and see for yourself. These bizarre expressions are constant. You can’t help but be unsettled by them.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives should be dignified. Not a clown.

Representative Ike Skelton is reasonable. Why does he sully his own good name by letting her get away with it? The coward. Now hear this, Ike: you destroy your own credibility when you stand beside her before the cameras while she tells such boldfaced lies to the American people in the name of the Democratic Party. That’s immoral, you idiot. That makes a liar of you too, you moral imbecile. You are an accomplice to the lying. Get a backbone and some integrity, you good-for-nothing.

What’s the matter with all you House Democrats? Are you so stupid you think nobody notices that something is drastically wrong with her? Do you think everyone is a California nut-case who thinks the moon is made of green cheese for you if you just decide to believe that it is? You know, like maybe you make a lie the truth by repeating it one billion times if necessary to have the last word?

Like a cantankerous three-year-old does.

In adults, magical thinking like that ain’t normal. So, either quit it or go see shrinks. Otherwise you’ll all end up like her.

Pig-Flying Moments in the Senate!

April 3, 2008

We had pig-flying moments in some Senate hearings yesterday. The Democrats actually weren’t obnoxious and lying their heads off, for once.

Only the Senator from Hell, Ted Kennedy, just couldn’t help being what he is, a thug. So, he tried his old trick of starting out all smiles only to lay shock and awe on the poor witness by immediately becoming abusive with purple prose littered with buzzwords for “the little guy” (read “people who want government handouts”) to salivate over.

But, he was lazy and unprepared, starting out on a stupid line of questioning to try to bully an answer out of Bernacke with. Then rather than make a complete a complete fool of himself, he just abruptly stopped and slunk away.

This means that – be sure you’re sitting down – even Senator Schumer was decent and made sense at the hearing. (Oh, yes, the Dems took a few token licks at the President’s image, but you could see that these were bones they were throwing to the left-wing-nuts. If they were always this civil, honest, and decent, a political lick now and then would be no big deal.)

In general, the Democrats soon stopped trying to attack the Fed’s move to keep Bear Stearns from failing. They acknowledged that it had to be done, not for Bear Stearns, but for everyone, including “the little guy.”

They had reservations about the precedent set, and so did Republicans on the committee, but this is reasonable and a valid concern.

This is a pig-flying moment, because they actually HEARD and ACCEPTED a valid answer to their objection. In other words they were reasonable and honest. And I, who lay into them when they aren’t, give them credit for that today. Would they were always reasonable and that all the Republicans would always be reasonable too.

They hinted at wanting the government to bailout all those being foreclosed on, but didn’t get serious about it. They did let it through their heads that some of these people just can’t afford homes and should never have bought them or been given credit. That some are speculators who bought several homes under false pretenses, expecting that the outrageously skyrocketing home prices would keep increasing forever, so that they could sell at a huge profit. That some simply walked away from these mortages and were in foreclosure during their first year. And that some lied about their incomes to get those loans.

So, there wasn’t even a head-butting fight about the fact that the those losing their homes must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, to help those who simply need refinancing at a level they can afford. And that you cannot steal the lenders’ money by passing a law that says the borrowers don’t have to pay those loans back.

For the idiots out there who don’t know why: think, morons, what that would do to the availability of loans. No one in his right mind will loan money if they know that the Democrats will just tear up those loan agreements to bribe votes from the lower classes.

The Democrats also behaved refreshingly in the Foreign Relations Committee. One panel was the usual foggy-brained academic “experts.” They were totally incoherent. Their garbled message seemed to be: “The US must get of of Iraq, but the US mustn’t get out of Iraq, because the US is guilty of Iraq and will be guilty of staying in Iraq or of getting out of Iraq.”

They spoke of our “moral obligation” to keep trying at what they then declared a hopeless cause AND an evil thing.

Yes, you read right. In their erratic blather they constantly contradicted themselves this way. In one sentence they declared us morally obligated to do something that, in the next sentence, they declared evil.

Ah, the intelligentsia. Hey, numbskulls: no one is morally obligated to do anything doomed to failure, let alone evil on top of it all. If you had the moral sense or even just the common sense of a seven-year-old, you’d know that.

It was so obvious that these idiot college types just relished the idea damning us if we do and damning us we don’t that Senator Biden got mad. He pointed out that they were saying it was hopeless and therefore we should bring the troops home tomorrow, right?

Duh. The idiot college professors just mouth-breathed at him.

Biden’s anger was no big surprise, but then Senator Boxer got madder yet. Which is a huge surprise.

She landed on them for characterising our support of IRAQI GOVERNMENT forces trying to clean criminal gangs and private armies out of Basra as supporting nothing but a MILITIA.

That’s right. In order to condemn everything we do, these lying, stupid, professors call the elected Iraqi GOVERNMENT and the national IRAQI ARMY a “sectarian militia.”

Therefore, no matter what we do, they will just make it evil by calling it something else. These clowns were like the Emperor in His New Clothes!

I never thought I’d be in such complete agreement with Senator Boxer about anything, but she is right. (Apparantly she doesn’t like being mocked by intelectuals, either.) If that is what the foul-mouthed intellectual “experts” are going to make of us helping the duly elected Iraqi government when it tries to rid the country of private armies and criminal gangs, we must bring our people home tomorrow.

Of course, those same imbecile academic experts (Yahia Said, Dr. Stephen Biddle, and Nir Rosen) will condemn us for that too, and told us so.

The bottom line is that we can’t maintain the current rotation of 15 months on and 12 months off. Our troops will be coming out, and the only debate is how fast. Iraq will have to get its act together in a year or two. If by then, we can’t draw down to less than 50,000 troops without taking casualties (thus maintaining a “presence” as in South Korea, West Germany or Japan after WWII), we are going to wash our hands of them by pulling out entirely.

We have every right to. We gave it our best shot. The Democrats are the bad cops, calling for fast withdrawal. The Republicans are good cops, more patient. But the two sides aren’t really that far apart on the matter anymore.

I hope the Iraqi people are paying attention. They had better appreciate Mr. Bush while they have him.