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The Perversity of Reuters

April 8, 2008

Trade Representative Susan Schwab on the Columbian Trade Agreement at the White House Press Briefing:

Virtually everything that Colombia exports to the United States currently comes in duty-free through preference programs that have been around — temporary preference programs, but they’ve been around since 1991. …In terms of the process, this is …authority that every President since 1974 has had available to move trade agreements. It provides for an up or down vote, no amendments, within a specified period of time. The 90 days is the period of time within which full congressional action would take place. The way it works is, there’s 60 days in the House — up to 60 days in the House — 45 days for the House Ways and Means Committee, 15 days for the House floor. And then 30 days in the Senate — it’s 15 in Senate Finance, 15 on the Senate floor. …We have, as a Cabinet, had more than 400 individual consultations with members of Congress just since September alone. …No Congress has ever defeated a trade agreement — a free trade agreement — in the history of writing or negotiating these free trade agreements. …There have been a lot of meetings with her [Nancy Pelosi], and others in the Democratic leadership, over the last year and a half. This is an agreement that was closed over two years ago; signed 16 months ago.

And now, what does Tabassum Zakaria of Reuters ask?

I mean, why send it up until, you know, you sort of had them onboard, the ones who are going to be the ones shepherding it through their chambers?

In case it’s not yet clear how this perverse reporter is trying to twist the course of logic a full 180 degrees…

AMBASSADOR SCHWAB: Well, if you — the way Trade Promotion Authority works, as I said, you’ve got this 90-day maximum. And it was very clear that unless the legislation started moving, it would never have been acted on. …And so we looked at the calendar and looked at the estimated date of adjournment for the Congress. And if you work backwards 90 days, you get to tomorrow.

TABASSUM ZAKARIA OF REUTERS: But how are you going to change something like Senator Reid’s mind about it within 90 days? I mean, he has put out a statement saying it is probably going to fail.

Right, the failure won’t be Senator Reid’s fault or Nancy Pelosi’s fault: their act will be President Bush’s fault. As always. Everything in the world that anybody does is President Bush’s fault. As when terrorists blow up people – President Bush is always the guilty party. As when France is being a prick and won’t cooperate, President Bush gets the bad mark on his name for it. Et ad infintum.

A pervert is as a pervert does.

Is it asking too much for the damned MSM not to be so goddam irrational?

Ah, the intelligentsia. Tabassum Zakaria (and Reuters) has her brains crammed into her skull upside-down and backwards.



Is Nancy Pelosi Crazy? Or Just a Liar?

April 4, 2008

The Democratic Party disgraces this this country with a Speaker of the House of Representatives who routinely calls press conferences to tell boldfaced lies. Her biggest whopper so far was claiming that al-Qaeda isn’t in Iraq: she says we must get out of Iraq and go fight al-Qaeda.

That loony toon just makes up her own reality and tries to cram it down our throats, doesn’t she?

She did that again today, when she lied by claiming that the Iraqi government pays “nothing” toward its its own reconstruction and defense.

Not once. Not twice. No less than three times she repeated this flagrant lie.

Anyone reasonably well informed knows that the Iraqi government is now paying the lion’s share of both the reconstruction projects and the costs of maintaining its own military.

Question for the subversive press: Why do you give Nancy Pelosi a pass to lie her head off THROUGH YOUR MOUTHS to the American people? You call yourselves “moral”?

Why do you quote such KNOWN and FLAGRANT lies, thus broadcasting the misinformation in them to the American people? Hey, Pravda, you call yourselves the “guardians of democracy”?

Are you reporters too ignorant/incompetent to know better than what she said? Or are you just liars in cahoots with lying Nancy Pelosi?

The morons of the press don’t think they are morally obligated to report this lie AND that it is a known lie. THAT is the “news” you good-for-nothing-but-leftist-propaganda “journalists” = the news is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a boldfaced liar run amok because she knows the press will report any lie she vomits as though it is truth.

Time for accountability among those who claim to be holding others accountable.

Notice, that the longer her nose gets (today it grew down to her knees, so that she had to stuff it down her blouse), the more she projects her lying in the very act by littering her speech with word “truth,” claiming to be shining the “bright light of truth” on some other unnamed but well-known person she accuses of being the “liar.”

The mentally ill always project their sin on the victim of it in very act of committing it. It’s the Oldest Trick in the Book: the serpent pulled it on Eve when he made God out to be the liar by saying, “God told you THAT?”

But I wonder if Pelosi really is “responsible” anymore. Just look at her. Just look at her face. Have you ever seen such extremely arched brows and such wide-open eyes as though they were seeing a ghost? More important, have you ever seen such eyebrows nailed permanently into that position before? Have you ever seen such wild eyes permanently fixed in that expression before?

Nancy Pelosi

Note all her bizarre expressions. The robotic smiles. Anyone can see that they are fake, that she just flashes them at the faces (mirrors) around her for effect and that they are no expression of what is within.

In fact, it’s the same with her whole bizarre portfolio of facial expressions. She switches from one to another like someone switching masks. One expression doesn’t melt into another as in normal people. Hers switch instantaneously and often inappropriately in a way that strikes you as pardody of normal human emotion.

Nancy Pelosi

Most of her face is as immobile as a stone, and she just adjusts the shape of her mouth, the tilt of her head, or the look in her eyes. Mechanically.

Not signs of mental health.

Nancy Pelosi

This isn’t just a rare accident of camera click. Watch her on TV and see for yourself. These bizarre expressions are constant. You can’t help but be unsettled by them.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives should be dignified. Not a clown.

Representative Ike Skelton is reasonable. Why does he sully his own good name by letting her get away with it? The coward. Now hear this, Ike: you destroy your own credibility when you stand beside her before the cameras while she tells such boldfaced lies to the American people in the name of the Democratic Party. That’s immoral, you idiot. That makes a liar of you too, you moral imbecile. You are an accomplice to the lying. Get a backbone and some integrity, you good-for-nothing.

What’s the matter with all you House Democrats? Are you so stupid you think nobody notices that something is drastically wrong with her? Do you think everyone is a California nut-case who thinks the moon is made of green cheese for you if you just decide to believe that it is? You know, like maybe you make a lie the truth by repeating it one billion times if necessary to have the last word?

Like a cantankerous three-year-old does.

In adults, magical thinking like that ain’t normal. So, either quit it or go see shrinks. Otherwise you’ll all end up like her.

Lying about the answer to our energy needs must stop now!

April 1, 2008

I think it’s about time we started ruthlessly mocking these morons who think the moon is made of green cheese for you if you decide to believe that it is.

That should make laughingstock of both ends of the political spectrum, though the crazies are far more numerous on the left end. And more dangerous there, because they actually control a political party, which is running amok.

NOW, after food prices skyrocket, the press starts reporting the facts about biofuels like ethanol. Now. Before, the damned press refused to print the truth. They kept it well hid.

Question for the MSM: What the hell were you thinking? That if you denied the truth it would go away?

Politicians were bribing the farmers of Iowa for their votes in the Iowa caucuses. And by the way, the farmers of Iowa are a “special interest” group. Just like blacks on welfare are. Just like “environmentalists” are. Why can’t stupid Democrats see that? Why are they so childishly simplistic as to think that “special interest group” = “business corporation.”

Ah, “the people who think”


I just listened to more stupid make-believe by callers to Washington Journal on C-SPAN.

They scream about the price of gasoline. Then they raise the price by increasing taxes on it. And we shouldn’t call them what they are? Morons.

Then they raise the price some more by refusing to allow drilling for oil here at home.  And by refusing to allow the building of more refineries here. In fact, they steadfastedly refuse to permit ANYTHING that would tend to lower the price of oil and natural gas.

For that they all ought to be held up to public ridicule and contempt.

These lying idiots can’t get it through their thick heads that we cannot eliminate our need for gasoline, because we cannot eliminate our need to drive automobiles. These morons who live tight-packed like sardines on the coasts think “mass transit” is the answer.

I say, quit smoking whatever you’re smoking, dudes, and land in the flyover states just once. Mass transit is no answer for the great middle of this country. Too complex?

Hydrogen is the answer, but we won’t run automobiles on hydrogen for at least another 20 years. Get that through your thick skulls. Till then, we need gasoline. Know it, liars. To keep refusing to is irrational.

We could plant corn or sugar beets from coast to coast and it wouldn’t supply even a tiny fraction of our need for gasoline, you stupid, ignorant morons.

And biolfuels are NOT clean or energy efficient. Know it, or see a shrink to fix your irrational thinking machine.

Think of all the gasoline those farmers burn to plant and raise those biolfuel crops and deliver them to market, you idiots. You know, like in trucks and tractors. What? Are you intellectuals so ignorant that you think milk comes from a carton? Are you so provincial that you don’t know how big an acre is or the great distances between things here in middle America? Get some edjication, please. Biolfuels cost more energy to produce than they save.

And why did the lying MSM refuse to print the truth about that? One must conclude that journalists think they dictate truth itself, not just perceptions and opinions about it.

Think of the pollution from those chemical factories to produce the ethanol, you idiots. Think, idiots. It ain’t rocket science.

Efficient? Quit lying. To drive the same distance, you burn more of gas diluted with ethanol = you save NOTHING in gasoline consumption, morons. Quit lying about that by pretending it ain’t true.

The willful obtuseness is amazing. One stupid Democrat caller said the solution to the exploding food prices is to do like Brazil – don’t plant corn for ethanol; plant sugar beets instead. Hey, moron, it doesn’t matter what you plant. Every acre producing ethanol is an acre not producing FOOD, you imbecile.

Have you ignorami ever heard of “supply and demand”? That jacks up the price of food, stupid. High priced food WILL cause world famine, which is warded off annually by the low cost of American food and the food the United States government can afford to give away.

Try to raise the level of your thinking above childish slogans like “oil is evil,” please.

Stop blocking all efforts to use our own domestic oil reserves. Stop blocking the building of more refineries. By thus enabling our “friends” in the Middle East to hold a monopoly on oil production and refining, you are allowing them to gouge us by charging anything they want for it. You are running American truckers, for example, out of business, you callous brutes.

The other great energy need we have is for electricity. So, you Euro lovers should stop praising everything Europe does except one thing: getting 80% of their electricity from nuclear power.

Try to raise the level of your thinking above childish slogans like “nuclear power is evil,” please. Know that nuclear power is the cleanest and most efficient power there is. Yes, the plants are expensive, but quit lying by omission when you forget to point out that they soon pay for themselves.

Stop pretending that we don’t need nuclear power. Stop also pretending that we don’t have tons of natural gas as well. Stop blocking production of natural gas. Stop blocking use of our coal reserves, no matter how clean the processing would be. Why do you block all our own natural resources? Is Osama bin Laden paying you?

Why do you hate America so much that you block every avenue to affordible energy we have?

Instead you dream up futuristic fairy tales about alternative energy sources that can provide but a drop in the bucket of our energy needs – like solar power, geothermal power, wind power. Quit lying by pretending that this kind of thing is the answer. It ain’t, and anyone with even a minimal amount of knowledge on the subject knows that.

Why does the lying press spread this misinformation and supress the known truth: all together these expensive alternative sources of energy are in the early experiemntal stages of development. It is SCIENCE FICTION to pretend that they could come online to supply more than a tiny (and expensive) fraction of our energy needs, so quit lying about that, please.

Yes, we could plant windmills and solar panels from coast to coast and it wouldn’t fulfill even a tiny fraction of our electricity needs! Quit lying by pretending otherwise. Face facts: wind power, solar power, and geothermal power are NOT contemporary solutions: they are 22nd century solutions, you morons.

Either face these facts and quit lying or pay my heating bill, you sons of bitches. You sit there in the moderate climate on the coasts, brutally uncaring about what you are doing to those of us who live in the center of this Continent.

Do I sound angry? That’s because I’m furious with you liars and your lying mass media. Get this straight or put on a straight jacket: the moon isn’t made of green cheese for you just because you decide to believe that it is.

Who’s the “scold”? The Democrats? Or the President?

March 27, 2008

See those headlines in the MSM that have the President “scolding” the Democrats or Congress?

It’s irrational to consider it an accident when wordsmiths use precisely the word they should use to describe the Democrats’ talk about Mr. Bush.

Scold. Really? That of ALL possible words to describe the President with? They couldn’t pick one less ironic? Give me a break. That ain’t a stupid accident. That’s a desire to malign = malignant. This is why I consider the press largely a bunch of calculating liars.

The Democrats scold Mr. Bush for every joke he tells. They scold him for playing a guitar for a few minutes on a day when there is a hurricane. They scold him for the evasive itinerary Air Force One took on 9/11. They scold him for every single thing he does or says. Every single one.

In other words, the press is deliberately trying to cleanse the Democrats of their character as a bunch of scowling scolds and scrape that taint off onto the very victim of all their eternal scolding, the President.

The Status of U.S. Efforts in Iraq

March 27, 2008

I saw a Center for Strategic & International Studies “expert panel” today on “The Status of U.S. Efforts in Iraq.”

Guess who the “experts” were. Two reporters: Rajiv Chandrasekaran, national editor at the Washington Post and Nancy Youssef, Baghdad Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers. And CBS’s Bob Scheiffer ran the show.

Youseff actually did say something that wasn’t blather, when she explained how US troops have come out of their bases and embedded themselves among the Iraqi people in the surge, so that this close interaction between them has born fruit in good relations and a better understanding that helps our troops do their jobs better.

But otherwise, the reporters just blathered off the tops of their heads answers to every question. Some “experts” – I could usually have answered better than they did.

When they were finished blathering,  then the only real expert, Anthony Cordesman, gave the correct answer while apparantly trying his best not to embarrass them by making them look stuipid and ignorant.

This was my favorite part: Someone in the audience asked why the Russians don’t seem to care very much if Iran gets nuclear weapons.

You should have heard the blather and wild stretches for reasons they grasped at like straws. Even Cordesman didn’t get this one, though he looked disgusted by then and may have just held back because he couldn’t stand it anymore. 

Hey, you numbskulls: The Russians don’t care because it makes trouble for us and those nuclear weapons won’t be aimed at Russia. They’ll be aimed at Jews and sent to the United States in suitcases.

Ah, the intelligentsia. What a think tank!