Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski Needs Senate Censure and Anger Management Program

The still shots below make it clear what Senator Mikulski is doing. But the kicker is when you find out what she’s saying – what she’s accusing the VICTIM of doing. (A perfect example of “projection.”)

Earth to Mikulski: If you are farting, just do it. Please don’t do it while accusing the person you’re farting at of …. guess what? Farting, of course. Of all things, farting.

That’s no accident: THAT is diabolical, sweetie. And it’s an insult to our intelligence, so prepare to have your own (justly) insulted by me in return. I’m sure it’s the only language a dope like you understands.

To be specific, your description of your victim’s behavior was a perfect description of your own: “pugnacious, scolding, snarky, dismissive, outrageous” and blah, blah, blah — in a word, abusive.

That’s your favorite dirty trick, isn’t it? Misdirection, like a magician’s. So that nobody notices what you are busy doing on one hand, you point at the victim with the other to scream at HIM for being the one who is screaming.

Shame on me for calling you a bitchjust because you tried to intimidate a witness (the President’s Budget Director) by:

  • yelling in a flagrantly abusive tone at him
  • constantly shaking your fist (sometimes both of them) at him while you constantly kept thrusting your chest, chin, and lower lip out at him in a melodramatically pugnacious scowl
  • while angrily bouncing up and down in your seat as if you were so angry that he’d better watch out because you were so mad you might just go off and fly out of your seat, unable to contain yourself
  • furiously waving your arms everywhichway in the air in a perfect imitation of Adolph Hitler’s antics in one of his patented “Jew rants”
  • constantly rudely jabbing your pointed finger at him
  • badgering him with a question he had already answered several times
  • butting in and shouting him down to not let him speak by when he tried to give information that would prove you wrong.

And all for what? For his TONE! Yes, for – for of all things – HIS tone.

Very funny, bitch.

HIS tone was the very ANTITHESIS of yours!!! His tone was respectful, reasonable, even deferential, polite, calm, patient, and totally PROFESSIONAL. YOUR tone was that of a thug! And anyone not halucinating on LSD can see that in the video.

If your ugly misbehavior doesn’t make you the very pinnacle of perfection of bitch-hood, nothing could.

And, speaking of “smoke,” your “smokestacks” was “stove pipes,” you moron. He was talking about the stove-piping of funds (earmarking) instead of letting law enforcement use the grant money as they think best.

So, “stove pipe” / “smoke stack” — it’s all the same to muddle-headed you, isn’t it? Is that what happens to everything someone tries to get through your head? It all just gets mushed like that?

Where is the Ethics Committee? Since when is such thuggish, emotionally unbalanced conduct becoming a United States senator? Who votes for this surly nut? The State of Maryland, that’s who. Congratulations, people of Maryland: you’ve done yourselves proud.


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