Maxine Waters Character Assassin

Two questions.

1. Since when is it legitimate to accuse someone OF PLANNING TO do something wrong? That is accusing someone of something you know they haven’t done. It’s a con job, a dirty, fast-talking trick. You just pull this stunt by saying they haven’t done it … “yet,” duh.

2. How can anyone not brain-dead fall for such crap?

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is at it again. Presumably because the people of Los Angeles who elect her are brain dead.

Guess when the last time we saw that denunciatory stunt was? During the Spanish Inquisition, that’s when. The crime was “suspicion of heresy.” A joke. A fucking joke. People were condemned on suspicion that they MIGHT do something wrong in the future.

That’s the Democratic Party – resorting to the odious tactics of the Inquisition.

OK, Maxine. You accuse President Bush of planning to mislead us into war with Iran. You admit that you can’t prove it. But, you say, “some people” suspect it.

Who? Your aunt Nellie? And your Uncle Bob? Who? Don’t give us that “some people” crap. Name them or shut up.

Then you launch into your indictment, never again for the rest of your hour-long rant allowing that this is mere “suspicion” on your part. The rest of your speech ignores your original disclaimer and carries on as a formal indictment.

Your shitmouth CONJECTURE of what someone MAY do wrong TOMMORROW is a legitimate accusation?

No, it’s illegitimate. It’s deceitful, irresponsible rhetoric, which is probably why you had to project the sin of using “irresponisible deceitful rhetoric” off onto the victim of your irresponsible, deceitful rhetoric.

Yes, folks, whatever the Democrats are accusing someone else of doing, they are invariably in the very act of doing themselves. Check it out. It’s the Oldest Trick in the Book: the serpent pulled it on Eve.

And what is Waters’ sole “reason” for saying so? The statements of the President, his administrators, and the military about what Iran is doing. Yes, she has no criticism of Iran for what it says and does. But she condemns “this administration” for saying anything about it! For not ignoring it all!

Iran officially holds mass prayer service rallies for a “a world without America.” The Iranian President keeps calling for the annihilation of Israel. For decades, Iran’s leaders have insulted and demonized us by calling America “the Great Satan.” They did something no other country in the world has ever been sleazy enough to do: they attacked our embassy and held our diplomats hostage. Iran boasts about training terrorists for export. For example, Iran trained, armed, and used Hesbollah (commanded by Iranian military) as their proxy army in Lebanon to attack Israel. They routinely threaten to send some of these terrorist units to attack us here in our homeland. They arm and train terrorists and militias (of both Sunni and Shia) to blow up civilians and kill Americans in Iraq. They instigate sectarian conflict by blowing up mosques, and they ship weapons into Iraq to kill Americans with. Iran even sends its own military into Iraq to lead forces against us. Iran is developing ballistic missiles and the capability to make nuclear weapons.

And what has See-No-Evil Hear-No-Evil Speak-No-Evil Waters got to say about all that Iranian war-mongering? Nothing. Not one peep.

No, according Fruitcake Waters, Iran can do all that, and because our president and his administration warn them to stop it, OUR side is one in the wrong.

ARE YOU STARK, RAVING MAD, LADY? Is your brain crammed into your skull upside-down and backwards? You are like someone who silently watches a rape as if nothing is happening and then screams bloody muder while pointing the accusing finger at the victim because she she yelled at the rapist to stop it.

And here’s the kicker: Nutcase Waters accuses US of DEMONIZING THEM. Yes, the Iranians call us “the Great Satan” 20 times a day for 30 years, and Waters accuses US of demonizing THEM.

Very funny.

What would our government have to do to please you perverts? Act like it wasn’t happening? Indeed, that is the only thing your censure would allow this president to do = ACT LIKE IT AIN’T HAPPENING! Because, if he says anything about it, you accuse him of war-mongering!

HIM!!! Not THEM!!!

Are you cracked, lady? Or just, plain wicked?

In either case, we know whose side you’re on, don’t we? Fair’s fair. Here’s a dose of your own medicine. I accuse you of being a propagandist for Iranian government. That’s treason. “Some people” suspect that, you know.

While you’re at it, why not accuse Mr. Bush of planning to beat his wife on Saturday? You have just as much grounds to. That would be just as legitimate. Why not accuse him of planning to nuke to France? You have just as much grounds to. It would be just as legitimate.

You can accuse him of anything in the world that way, can’t you? Anything.

That’s moral mayhem, because there is no defense at such lowdown and unfair tactics of character assassination. How can the accused prove a negative? How can he prove that he will NOT do something in the future? You are disgusting. You do this all the time, every time you open your vicious, assault-weapon mouth. You are a litmus test for decency. Where is the Ethics Committee?



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