Obama Rama

I love Barack Obama’s message. It is exactly what I had longed to hear.

He calls for an end to the politics of character assassination and game-playing and gridlock. He calls for Democrats and Republicans to LISTEN to each other, to agree when they can, to find common ground, and to SERVE THIS COUNTRY instead of their power-hungry political parties.

Hooray for Obama’s message! It’s THE winner!

As for his color, I couldn’t care less…except that I am so sick of the European myth that there is a racist under every bush here that I would really like to see a black president. Maybe that would make the Euro harpies finally shut up – do you think?

Though I like Mr. Bush, I would love a president as articulate as Obama. That’s always a plus.

So, what’s my problem with Obama? I don’t trust him. At all. He sets off my Con-Artist red alert.

A man who loves this country doesn’t sit in the pew of a pastor who cries “God damn America!” from the pulpet for 20 years. A pastor who tells the most vicious lies about America. A racist pastor who foments hatred of whites.

And then Obama donates tens of thousands of dollars to this organization to boot? He won’t even apologize and disavow it? Not a sign of good faith.

Give me a break. Actions speak louder than words: Obama has no love for this country and is sympathetic to black racism if he belongs to an institution like that. All his talky-talk to the contrary is therefore a lie.

And, call me “picky,” I don’t want a president who associates with those who hate America and promote black racism.

And I just don’t understand the people blowing off these glaringly serious warning signs about the man. Come out of Ga-Ga Land, please!

That’s the main reason I fear Obama, and all his slick, sidewinding doublespeak just nails the case against him down tight. That Wright speech, with its sidewinding and false moral equivalence should have been a warning to all. Condemning free trade while telling the Canadian government not to worry that he meant it is not something that voters should blow off. His liberal elitist pandering by looking down his nose at Middle Americans is another thing that should set off the red alerts. What does he have to do to before the Kool-Aid Kids on his bandwagon wake up?

I would prefer a purely narcissistic president like Hillary to one whose motives truly seem as nefarious as a street con artist’s.



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