The Liberal Elitists

Yes, my fellow Americans, people on the East Coast and on the West Coast, especially in California and New England – who pride themselves in being so intelligent and unprejudiced – are actually ridiculously prejudiced and bigoted AND too stupid to even know bigotry when they are spouting it.

I ran into this truth in the 1980s on my first trip to California. When people I met asked me where I was from and I said, “Wisconsin,” it was like I’d laid egg or something. I couldn’t believe it. It took two full weeks and 30 or 40 instances for me to believe my eyes and ears. Yes, I finally had to admit: these Californians were really THAT stupid!

Yes, these “sophisticated” Californians think predjudice = racism. Because their thinking cannot penetrate buzzwords and empty slogans, so they don’t know that geographical predjudice is just as wrong and stupid and narcissistic as any other kind.

How “intellectual,” how “sophisticated.” Are they then not as “provincial” as can be?

The whole lot of them!

Since then I’ve come to see why.

Notice that if anything unusual happens on the street in San Francisco or New York City, the first thing the bystanders do is take a quick look around to see how others are reacting. Then they follow suit. And the whole lot of them gang-up on and insult anyone who doesn’t conform by reacting the same way they all do.

Ah, “tolerance.”

That’s what middle-school-age kids do = immature people ruled by peer pressure and a compelling need to “fit in.” In other words, they are cattle. They have no mind of their own = have no mind.

Which is why when you pass a herd of cattle, you find more than 90% facing the same direction. Always. It’s just mindless. That’s what mindless cattle do.

Which is why the mob on either coast is so childish and so prone to magical thinking. Whatever it takes to conform. It’s also why a poll of them on any hot-button issue comes out lopsided, with over 90% agreeing. Just like those cattle.

Obama was just flattering them by playing to the bigotry that props up their self-flattering egos. Which is why they think the whole, vast middle of this country is just some wasteland for their egos to “flyover.”

How pathetic.

The poor saps are not “elite.” They are elitist. They are not “intellectual.” They are “intellectualistic.” Thank God for the Electoral College, or these densely packed herds of cattle would be numerous enough to run the country…

right off that cliff ahead of their stampede.


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