The Democratic Party: The Enemy Within

Senator Joe Lieberman put it best yesterday when he said the Democrats were playing “See-No-Progress-in-Iraq, Hear-No-Progress-in-Iraq, and above all, Speak-No-Progress-in-Iraq.”

The Democrat doublespeak and confused gobbledygook to give a false impression are intolerable. It’s time they got a little of what they dish out.

They will not allow the President or the Republicans to do one good thing for this country. They will NOT allow it. For fear that if the President or the Republicans succeeded in doing anything good, people might vote for them.

So, the goddam, traitorous Democrats act AGAINST this country at every turn, just to win the next election.

This former Democrat is so furious with them that I vow never to vote for another Democrat again – not unless he or she vows to have a backbone and stand up to the corrupt party bosses.

The Democratic boss of the House of Representatives is so far gone on her heady power trip that she doesn’t even know enough not to brag about holding the Columbia Trade Agreement hostage in an effort at political blackmail to bully the President and Republicans into letting her ram completely unrelated legislation down their throats. Yes, she doesn’t even know right from wrong anymore: she says, “If you want me to let the House vote on this agreement, you must bribe me by promising to accept my legislation on other matters.

She and Ted Kennedy’s Puppet Boss in the Senate (Senator Harry Reid) do the same thing with the funding of our troops in Iraq. They are holding this legislation hostage too, demanding that they be allowed to corrupt it with all sorts of their their little vote-bribing additions to pay off their special interests on totally unrelated legislation.

Otherwise, the tempestuous Democratic brats stubbornly refuse to even let the matter come up for a vote.

It is the Congress that is trashing the Constitution, not the Executive Branch. The Congressional Democrats deny the separation of powers and demand the right to oversee the President. Duh, did you morons ever hear of the concept of “coequal powers”? Are you so addle-headed that you think a “coequal power is one you oversee? What a bunch of idiots.

They now want to legislate troop rotations even! Right.

First they lie by making it seem as though troop rotations have always been 15 months on /12months off, when they have been that way only temporarily during the surge. Then they claim the authority to legislate troop rotations, admitting that they will start at 12 months on/12 months off. But, they say they want to go to 12 months on/24 months off. That would in effect cut the size of the deployable force in half!

Power grabbing, power grabbing, power grabbing. They are thoroughly corrupt and drunk on power. Every single thing they say and do is all about getting more power, not about what’s good for this country.

Congress has no right to dictate troop rotations. Hey, you power-hungry Constitution trashers. Show some respect for our form of government. You are not the Commander in Chief.

This former Democrat is sick of us having to fight the enemy within – you Democrats – as well as our enemies abroad over everything. You block all efforts to control our borders. You block all efforts to eavesdrop on terrorist communications. You block all efforts to increase our energy supplies and decrease the cost. You block all foreign policy efforts. You block foreign trade agreements that will get rid of tariffs on American exports. You block all efforts to win the war. You ARE the enemy.

You childish brats don’t take anything seriously but yourselves.

More than 60 days ago you said need 30 days to consider the FISA law. Why have you still not gotten around to allowing us to tap the communications of foreign terrorists to other foreign terrorists without a probably cause warrant? Why won’t you bullies even allow a vote? Because you know you’ll lose, that’s why.

That’s “democracy”? My ass. That’s dictatorship, Comrade Pelosi.

Whose side are you on? You are reckless of the safety of the American people.

Not one word you say is anything but campaigning. You serve the Democratic Party, not the American people. Let San Francisco break off and float out to sea. I am sick of those Left Wing Magical Thinking Machines. They will never grow up.


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