The Perversity of Reuters

Trade Representative Susan Schwab on the Columbian Trade Agreement at the White House Press Briefing:

Virtually everything that Colombia exports to the United States currently comes in duty-free through preference programs that have been around — temporary preference programs, but they’ve been around since 1991. …In terms of the process, this is …authority that every President since 1974 has had available to move trade agreements. It provides for an up or down vote, no amendments, within a specified period of time. The 90 days is the period of time within which full congressional action would take place. The way it works is, there’s 60 days in the House — up to 60 days in the House — 45 days for the House Ways and Means Committee, 15 days for the House floor. And then 30 days in the Senate — it’s 15 in Senate Finance, 15 on the Senate floor. …We have, as a Cabinet, had more than 400 individual consultations with members of Congress just since September alone. …No Congress has ever defeated a trade agreement — a free trade agreement — in the history of writing or negotiating these free trade agreements. …There have been a lot of meetings with her [Nancy Pelosi], and others in the Democratic leadership, over the last year and a half. This is an agreement that was closed over two years ago; signed 16 months ago.

And now, what does Tabassum Zakaria of Reuters ask?

I mean, why send it up until, you know, you sort of had them onboard, the ones who are going to be the ones shepherding it through their chambers?

In case it’s not yet clear how this perverse reporter is trying to twist the course of logic a full 180 degrees…

AMBASSADOR SCHWAB: Well, if you — the way Trade Promotion Authority works, as I said, you’ve got this 90-day maximum. And it was very clear that unless the legislation started moving, it would never have been acted on. …And so we looked at the calendar and looked at the estimated date of adjournment for the Congress. And if you work backwards 90 days, you get to tomorrow.

TABASSUM ZAKARIA OF REUTERS: But how are you going to change something like Senator Reid’s mind about it within 90 days? I mean, he has put out a statement saying it is probably going to fail.

Right, the failure won’t be Senator Reid’s fault or Nancy Pelosi’s fault: their act will be President Bush’s fault. As always. Everything in the world that anybody does is President Bush’s fault. As when terrorists blow up people – President Bush is always the guilty party. As when France is being a prick and won’t cooperate, President Bush gets the bad mark on his name for it. Et ad infintum.

A pervert is as a pervert does.

Is it asking too much for the damned MSM not to be so goddam irrational?

Ah, the intelligentsia. Tabassum Zakaria (and Reuters) has her brains crammed into her skull upside-down and backwards.



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