Iraq War

The surge has changed some things in Iraq, so that something the Democrats were falsely claiming before, from now on will be true. Namely, that Iraq isn’t the central front in the greater war against Radical Islam.

It still is, but only for a short time – until the battle in Mosul kicks al-Qaeda out of that area.

Afterwards, I think we really can say that we have done the job against al-Qaeda in Iraq and that we can count on the Iraqis themselves to mop up the remnants. The Iraqi people hate al-Qaeda. They will search out and kill the remnants.

The great danger in Iraq now is that the sectarian factions will fight each other for power in a hurly-burly of multi-factional civil war. If they are bent on destroying themselves in this mass act of national suicide, there is only so much we can do to dissuade them.

It should be obvious that we want nothing more than we want out of Iraq and that we ARE going to leave Iraq. But never underestimate the power of anti-Americanism to delude the world. It AIN’T obvious to the Iraqis or the rest of the world that we aren’t planning to setup and run a puppet government in Iraq for control of their oil. WE MUST PROVE THAT BEYOND ALL DOUBT. IN FACT, WE MUST SHOCK THEM INTO THEIR SENSES SO THAT THEY OPEN THEIR EYES AND SEE THIS TRUTH.

We have already withdrawn the Marine Expeditionary Force, and by July we should have drawn down from 20 to 15 Combat Brigades. (Yes, Democrats, why do you keep forgetting that?)

But you can’t expect a general to recommend going lower than that, simply because a general is a general. His goal is the fulfillment of his military mission. That is not exactly the same goal as our nation has, however.

I would like to see a little cunning politics/diplomacy. I would like to see us suddenly (with minimal warning) remove another Combat Brigade before the elections in October. Just the personell, so that the redeployment can be very rapid (leaving the equipment with other Combat Brigades.)

Yes, I mean surprise the Iraqi government with this move, giving them no more notice than necessary to give them time to move their army into the area we hand over to them.

Why do I suggest this? Because this would be an object lesson: WE ARE LEAVING, so they had better FACE THAT FACT and get serious about settling their issues.

I think this is something President Bush can do to insure that those elections do take place on time = to cross any plan to come up with excuses for delaying those elections.

I also think that doing this would help our next president, giving him or her more leverage.

This move would also be psychological warfare = a show of confidence – much better than the constant hand-wringing that the bad guys will come back without us there to stave them off, which does nothing but encourage the terrorists and insurgeants by making them think they can win. It’s just common sense to ACT as though you expect success, not failure.

Then after the October elections, I’d do the same thing again in November or December – remove another Combat Brigade or two.

I can think of no better kick in the butt to make the Iraqi factions stop fighting and wake up to see that WE REALLY ARE LEAVING, that they can’t keep us there by simply refusing to own their repsonsibility for their own country…so that they stop playing games by which they try to maneuver us into backing one faction against another.

This move would also bring us down to 12 or 13 Combat Brigades deployed – a managable number that won’t break the force. We simply MUST get down to at least 15, and lower if at all possible.

Yes, there is some risk in this. But is it any greater than the risk in staying? I don’t think so.

At that point, the Iraqis either do it or they don’t.

This move would also stop Iran from causing trouble. They are childish and just do it to cause US trouble, period. They don’t really want Iraq to descend into civil war. That would be a disaster for them. So they would immediately have to stop the game-playing FOR THEIR OWN SAKE. The same with all the other useless Arab nations. The irresponsible brats would have to stop playing games and do something to quell trouble rather than keep on acting like piss-ants by causing trouble. The same with the so-called “international community” (an oxymoron). They too would have to stop the annoy-America game-playing and switch from causing trouble to remedying it.

In short, I think that doing this is the next smart step to take. We must face the fact that even the world’s only superpower can’t defeat the whole world when it decides to cross us at every turn out of sheer nationalistic anti-American envy. We need to make the neighboring nations and the UN grow up and cut it out – to become part of the solution instead of the problem.

This move would press the Iraqis to do their part. It would force the neighboring countries to do their part. It would force the international gang to do their part. Then we can continue to do our part with reasonable chance of success over the next 2 or 3 years – with steadily falling troop numbers and causualties as Iraq finally stabilizes.


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