Where are the British when we need them? Come and burn down Washington again for us, please.

Though my rants usually take the Democrats to task, I really wonder about the Republicans too. They don’t respond to the misconduct like they should. And their failure to do so makes hypocrites of them too.

I’ll use the best example I can recall. It was the Senate Confirmation hearing for Justice Sam Alito. The thuggish conduct of the Democrats was deplorable, just sickening. They lied their heads off and twisted everything to deliberately falsely incriminate this good and decent man as some sort of evil person.

Newsflash moral imbeciles: that is pure, unadulterated malice. There is nothing more odious that you can do to a human being. And how low must your moral IQ be if I need to tell you that?

In other words, it wasn’t enough to oppose Alito’s nomination on the grounds that they didn’t like his past decisions, they had to demonize him. Time and again, their anti-logic and cherry picking proved beyond all doubt that they were INTENTIONALLY making an innocent man out to be guilty! Intentionally!!! It was so flagrant. It was a litmus test for decency. It made you want to puke.

At one point, Mrs. Alito lost it and broke down into tears over what Senator Kennedy and Senator Feingold and the others were doing to her husband. Kennedy was no surprise, but Feingold and the others were: I had thought they were decent people with morals.

But obviously these moral imbeciles don’t know right from wrong anymore.

But wait – the kicker is that the Republicans weren’t outraged by this lynching. As though it was all just business as usual, they just repeated their counterarguments like broken records and mouth-breathed like the Democrats did to see Mrs. Alito so emotionally affected by what was going on.

In other words, all the politicians involved – both the Democrats and the Republicans – were emotional imbeciles, absolutely devoid of conscience and empathy.

What is the matter with these people? Has Washington sucked the humanity out of them?

Instead of just repeating their talking points like broken records, why did no Republican stand up and take the Democrats to task for their corrupt and MALICIOUS conduct? Why? Why was there no Republican anger over this outrage? Why?

Are the Republicans tin-men too, or what? I was totally amazed.

One day during this auto-da-fe, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program, a Republican staff lawyer explained this phenomenon that was bugging me. He said he had been talking to his father on the phone the day before and gotten a shock.

He was talking matter-of-factly with his father (back home in Middle America) about the hearing and his father knocked his socks off by saying that, obviously, he had been in Washington too long, if a cruel and despicable show like that was just Washington “business as usual” to him and didn’t rather outrage his sense of decency.

His father had to tell him that the average American in Middle America was sickened by such behavior and that being sickened by such behavior is NORMAL.

The lawyer was shamefaced and agreed that Washington DC does that people. It’s all about power, period. Nothing else is even a consideration – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. Their automaton brains are stuck on one thing: what to do or say right now to further my Party’s bid to rule Capitol Hill and occupy the White House. They are nothing but machines who act without considering anything else in the choices they make – not humanity, morality, truth, justice, or even the good of the country. None of that even enters their shrivelled-up brains. A dumb beast makes decisions morally superior to theirs.

So, what does this FACT make of all the moral posturing of BOTH sides on hot-button issues like welfare, abortion, racism, and social issues? Nothing but putrid hypocrisy to sucker votes, that’s what.

What is this place called Washington DC? It’s a swamp, isn’t it? A filled-in swamp. A fetid mal-aria still lingers over it. Let it return to swampland. Or let the British come to burn it down for us again.


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