Pig-Flying Moments in the Senate!

We had pig-flying moments in some Senate hearings yesterday. The Democrats actually weren’t obnoxious and lying their heads off, for once.

Only the Senator from Hell, Ted Kennedy, just couldn’t help being what he is, a thug. So, he tried his old trick of starting out all smiles only to lay shock and awe on the poor witness by immediately becoming abusive with purple prose littered with buzzwords for “the little guy” (read “people who want government handouts”) to salivate over.

But, he was lazy and unprepared, starting out on a stupid line of questioning to try to bully an answer out of Bernacke with. Then rather than make a complete a complete fool of himself, he just abruptly stopped and slunk away.

This means that – be sure you’re sitting down – even Senator Schumer was decent and made sense at the hearing. (Oh, yes, the Dems took a few token licks at the President’s image, but you could see that these were bones they were throwing to the left-wing-nuts. If they were always this civil, honest, and decent, a political lick now and then would be no big deal.)

In general, the Democrats soon stopped trying to attack the Fed’s move to keep Bear Stearns from failing. They acknowledged that it had to be done, not for Bear Stearns, but for everyone, including “the little guy.”

They had reservations about the precedent set, and so did Republicans on the committee, but this is reasonable and a valid concern.

This is a pig-flying moment, because they actually HEARD and ACCEPTED a valid answer to their objection. In other words they were reasonable and honest. And I, who lay into them when they aren’t, give them credit for that today. Would they were always reasonable and that all the Republicans would always be reasonable too.

They hinted at wanting the government to bailout all those being foreclosed on, but didn’t get serious about it. They did let it through their heads that some of these people just can’t afford homes and should never have bought them or been given credit. That some are speculators who bought several homes under false pretenses, expecting that the outrageously skyrocketing home prices would keep increasing forever, so that they could sell at a huge profit. That some simply walked away from these mortages and were in foreclosure during their first year. And that some lied about their incomes to get those loans.

So, there wasn’t even a head-butting fight about the fact that the those losing their homes must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, to help those who simply need refinancing at a level they can afford. And that you cannot steal the lenders’ money by passing a law that says the borrowers don’t have to pay those loans back.

For the idiots out there who don’t know why: think, morons, what that would do to the availability of loans. No one in his right mind will loan money if they know that the Democrats will just tear up those loan agreements to bribe votes from the lower classes.

The Democrats also behaved refreshingly in the Foreign Relations Committee. One panel was the usual foggy-brained academic “experts.” They were totally incoherent. Their garbled message seemed to be: “The US must get of of Iraq, but the US mustn’t get out of Iraq, because the US is guilty of Iraq and will be guilty of staying in Iraq or of getting out of Iraq.”

They spoke of our “moral obligation” to keep trying at what they then declared a hopeless cause AND an evil thing.

Yes, you read right. In their erratic blather they constantly contradicted themselves this way. In one sentence they declared us morally obligated to do something that, in the next sentence, they declared evil.

Ah, the intelligentsia. Hey, numbskulls: no one is morally obligated to do anything doomed to failure, let alone evil on top of it all. If you had the moral sense or even just the common sense of a seven-year-old, you’d know that.

It was so obvious that these idiot college types just relished the idea damning us if we do and damning us we don’t that Senator Biden got mad. He pointed out that they were saying it was hopeless and therefore we should bring the troops home tomorrow, right?

Duh. The idiot college professors just mouth-breathed at him.

Biden’s anger was no big surprise, but then Senator Boxer got madder yet. Which is a huge surprise.

She landed on them for characterising our support of IRAQI GOVERNMENT forces trying to clean criminal gangs and private armies out of Basra as supporting nothing but a MILITIA.

That’s right. In order to condemn everything we do, these lying, stupid, professors call the elected Iraqi GOVERNMENT and the national IRAQI ARMY a “sectarian militia.”

Therefore, no matter what we do, they will just make it evil by calling it something else. These clowns were like the Emperor in His New Clothes!

I never thought I’d be in such complete agreement with Senator Boxer about anything, but she is right. (Apparantly she doesn’t like being mocked by intelectuals, either.) If that is what the foul-mouthed intellectual “experts” are going to make of us helping the duly elected Iraqi government when it tries to rid the country of private armies and criminal gangs, we must bring our people home tomorrow.

Of course, those same imbecile academic experts (Yahia Said, Dr. Stephen Biddle, and Nir Rosen) will condemn us for that too, and told us so.

The bottom line is that we can’t maintain the current rotation of 15 months on and 12 months off. Our troops will be coming out, and the only debate is how fast. Iraq will have to get its act together in a year or two. If by then, we can’t draw down to less than 50,000 troops without taking casualties (thus maintaining a “presence” as in South Korea, West Germany or Japan after WWII), we are going to wash our hands of them by pulling out entirely.

We have every right to. We gave it our best shot. The Democrats are the bad cops, calling for fast withdrawal. The Republicans are good cops, more patient. But the two sides aren’t really that far apart on the matter anymore.

I hope the Iraqi people are paying attention. They had better appreciate Mr. Bush while they have him.


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