Tin Foil halo and Cardboard Wings Award: Congressman Ed Markey

Why is Massachusetts so hoity-toidy? Well, you too would disguise yourself in the phony trappings of class if you were the most corrupt state in the union, with notoriously corrupt politics and a tradition of electing crooks to Congress, no matter what sleazy things they have done.

Today’s Tinfoil Halo and Cardboard Wings award goes to Democratic Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts, chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

His forehead is thick as a brick and he has ears but does not hear. No matter how many times you correct his lie that the oil companies have gotten outrageously high windfall profits from the high price of crude oil, he mocks the American people with the comeback, “Yes, but the oil companies have gotten outrageously high windfall profits.”

Which begs the question: “Hey dude, are you really deaf? Or don’t you speak English? Are you really as stupid as you act? Or are you insulting our intelligence on purpose?”

Want respect? Then show some.

He must have gotten that great edjication of his in the Boston public schools. He doesn’t know enough to compare profits by percentage, not absolute dollar amounts.

Of course the absolute dollar amounts of profit for this global industry are going to massive, you Mathematical Pinhead!

Now, let’s calculate what that industry costs to run, you idiot. No matter how many times you explain to Moron Markey that it is deceptive to quote absolute dollar amounts, when the percentages are but average, the lying bastard still comes back the absolute dollar amounts.

Uneducably mentally retarded, he is.

The oil companies’ profits cycle from 7-8.5%, laregly because the price of crude oil is volatile. They are at the upper end of that range now, about 0.5% higher than similar industries.

What’s more, the oil industries invest annually MORE than their profits for that year! So, why is lying Markey trying to deceive the American people into thinking that the oil company executives and stockholders are just lining their pockets with all that money?

Hey, Moron Marke, how about attacking the New York Times and other MSM for their outrageous profit margins of 20%.

And why is lying Markey trying to deceive the American people into thinking that the oil companies aren’t paying their fair share of taxes? That “tax break” Markey keeps lying about was just a repeal of a punitive tax put on the oil companies by the avaraicious Democratic Congress.

Truth: American corporations pay about 30% taxes. The oil industries pay 44%. That’s more than their fair share, Markey-Malarckey.

Indeed, the high coprorate tax rate here is the reason why American companies are moving overseas. And you Democrats are to blame.

So, this hick from the sticks wants to know when all you smarter-than-us east coast elitists are going to a clue.

CLUE: Markey is conning you. He invents a demon (“big evil oil”) and then pretends to be your champion, protecting you from it. Every corrupt politician world over pulls the same stunt. So, when are you mental duds going to catch on and quit being suckered into voting for this con artist?

All you blue-collar workers and poor people that Markey is conning with fake concern for you, get a clue: because all he cares about is conning your votes, he doesn’t care how much he’s hurting the very people he’s pretending to help = YOU, duh.

HE is to blame for your high gasoline prices and heating bills: Congressman Ed Markey: he won’t allow drilling for oil or natural gas here; he won’t allow nuclear power; he won’t allow more refineries = he won’t allow anything that would reduce the cost of your fuel. Indeed, he heaps more and more taxes on it to raise the price you pay.

He also can’t get it through his think skull that windmills, solar panels, and ethanol cannot replace gasoline and make us energy independent. So, ask him if he is really that stupid or just a liar.


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