Why the Democrats Lie about Everything

The average person has got to believe the Democrats, because no sane person can believe that they would lie about something like the NSA’s Terrorist Surveillance Program.

So they believe lying Ted Kennedy, lying Nancy Pelosi, lying Hillary Clinton, lying Barack Obama, et al when they call it a “domestic spying program” to “to spy on Americans in their homes.”

Sane people must think, “Why would the Democrats say this if it weren’t true? Why would they use such a lie as an excuse to block the Protect America Act, causing the expiration of the crucial legislation passed in the wake of 9/11?”

But think twice. The Democrats lie like this to cross and obstruct the President all the time. They distort everything he does to make it out as evil, and then, of, course, they must oppose it.

How many times do they they have to pull this stunt before the naive American people catch on? Newsflash: the Democrats describe EVERYTHING the President or the Republican Party does as evil. Get it?

It’s how they win elections. Their whole argument is “Vote for us, because ‘this administration’ and the Republicans are evil.”

So they lie about EVERYTHING the President does to make it look evil. Then, of course, they must oppose it – no matter how good it would be for the American people.

The juvenile Democrats are so mad for power that they are utterly reckless of the consequences to this country and the American people. The Party is rabid. All it cares about is winning the next election.

You can see that in the way Clinton and Obama are going at each other. They are now starting to use the same dirty tactics (like playing the race card) against each other as they heretofore only used on Republicans.

That’s why they’re lying their heads off. And the press just spreads this misinformation by quoting their lies as if credible, without mentioning that these statements are demonstrably false.

The original FISA treated communications transmitted over wires differently than satelite communications. That was because wire communication was domestic communication over phone lines within the United States and therefore involved communication between American citizens or people at least residing in the United States. To tap these wires, you needed a warrant, for which you had to show probable cause.  No such restrictions were placed on wireless/satelite communications, because they originated overseas and therefore generally involved foreigners.

But things are just the opposite now. When Osama bin Laden in Pakistan calls a terrorist in Iraq on a cell phone, that communication usually crosses the Atlantic and is routed through HIGH SPEED CABLE in the United States. Yes! Ain’t that great? That gives us a tremendous ability to listen in!!!

And yes, cell phone communication is wired communication.

Why do these communications usually go through the US? Simply because they take the electronic path of least resistance, and since the US has the best lines in the world, that path of least resistence is through the US 80% of the time.

What moron thinks Osama bin Laden has the Constitutional rights of an American citizen? Where are the maniacal Democrats getting this shit? Our laws have never required a warrant for listening in on the communcations of people in foreign countries.

What’s more, this new legislation is even more protective of the rights of American citizens than the old FISA was. For, it requires a warrant to tap the the communications of an American citizen in a foreign country.

The Democrats are throwing their fake hissy fit over the rare occasion when Osama calls someone in the United States. Their excuse for obstructing the President is that, because that could happen one in a million times, we must throw out the whole law and force the NSA to fart around for days trying to establish probable cause in a FISA court to get a warrant for tapping any communication of anyone anywhere in the world.

And how on earth do you establish probable cause on someone you can’t even invistigate because he’s halfway around the wold holed up in some cave, so that you can’t have the FBI interview the neighbors to gather evidence? What the goddam Democrats want is absurd.

The backlog of applications for warrants was huge before FISA was revised. So, the vast majority of that communication wasn’t being surveilled. And, every day this legislation is being blocked by the Democrats, more and more of those old warrants expire. Which means that every day we get less and less of this lifesaving intelligence information.

I’m sorry, but even if Osama bin Laden calls ME, I want George listening!

I wouldn’t be the target of that wirtetap: OBL is. If anything in that call casts suspicion on me, the NSA must get a warrant to tap my communications and to use any of this gathered evidence against me in a court of law.

So, what have I got to worry about? My rights are protected.

And what are the chances that some foreign terrorist calls anyone in the United States that he isn’t in cahoots with? Very slim. OK, it is possible that he could be calling someone who sells stuff on eBay or calling his younger sister at Harvard on her birthday. But if that’s the case, the innocent person on this end is safe, because no information can be used against them, and their phone can’t be tapped, without a warrant.

So, what’s all the screaming about? 

What the Democrats are doing is recklessly endangering the American people just to make the President sound evil.

This power-hungry madness must stop. Tell your traitorous Democratic Representative who signs his or her paycheck, and threaten to throw the bum out if they don’t start serving the American people instead of the goddam Democratic Party.  


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