Intellectual Burlesque

The Situation

Basra is Iraq’s only port. Which means that there is a river of stuff to steal flowing through it. Take away law and order from a city like that, and even an intellectual ought to be able to deduce what will happen. For four years the British faked it there, doing nothing to maintain law and order. Last summer the situation had gotten so bad that, for their own safety, they completely withdrew to the airport and let the city descend into chaos. Gangs of criminal thugs ran amok. The police were corrupt, rather like in Chicago during the days of Al Capone – part of the problem/mob, not the solution. Criminals ran amok, robbing, raping, looting to their heart’s content in broad daylight. Various Shias militias ran amok too, some of which tried to impose a Taliban-style reign of terror, murdering shopkeepers who sold alcohol, beating women alone on the street or women uncovered, killing Christians on sight, and so on. In other words, they were just a Shia version of al-Qaeda. Iran was stoking and arming this conflagration.

What happens

The Iraqi government takes action, moving in with the Iraqi army to establish law and order.

What the intellectuals do

They don’t see a sovereign government acting to rescue the populace of Basra from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They don’t see a sovereign government of Shia leaders acting to disarm private Shia armies plundering the Iraqi city that happens to be the heart of the Iraqi economy. They don’t see legitimate authority acting to bring armed gangs of thugs and terrorists under control and establish law and order so the people of Basra can dare to walk their own streets.

No, “the people who think” see some nebulous, unnamed and mysterious “violence” erupting like chicken pox here and there. Though it is Shias confronting Shias, they pretend it is “sectarian violence,” not the legitimate enforcement of law and order. They wring their hands and worry, worry, worry that Iraq is “descending into chaos.”

What it means

It means that the intellectuals think this is bad and a worsening of the situation = that the maelstrom of robbing and raping and killing and bullying the poplulace was preferable.

In short, it means that our “humanitarian” and “peace-loving” intellectuals are rank hypocrites and pseudointellctuals who don’t want law and order in Basra and Iraq. They view an effort to establish it as just (gasp) “violence” and evil.

So, whose side are they on? 

They NEVER call ANYTHING what it IS!

People who think like this belong in a psyche ward. They are so crazed, stupid, and spaghetti-brained that they think you and I are even stupider than they are = that we don’t know what their crazy irrationale means.

Earth to intellectuals: I, for one, will not let you keep on insulting our intelligence this way. I defend us by giving you the slap in the mouth for it that you have coming. Stupid and crazy is as stupid and crazy does, and that’s you.

Because the only war their kind care about is the one in Washington. To hell with how many Iraqis die – they want failure in Iraq so they can say a Republican in the White House failed.

Which is utter brutality to the Iraqi people and treason to the rest of us.


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