Democratic Representative Lynn Woolsey of California

Today’s Tinfoil Halo and Cardboard Wings award goes to Democratic Representative Lynn Woolsey of – you guessed it – California.

Way to get attention, babe. Do them Hollywood folks teach you how to put on that “caring” face and that “heartfelt” tone?

Does accusing the rest of us of being guilty of the killing and wounding of every American and Iraqi killed or wounded in Iraq make you feel holier-than-us?

Hey, California, you obviously need to institute a minimum IQ for the right to vote or hold public office.

This lady, with the bowl of spaghetti for brains, blames the very people trying to stop the killing for it. When thinking like that passes for normal, we are in trouble.

(Psst, moron, the guilty ones are the ones who did it. Not the ones trying to stop it.)

My, how Woolsey “cares” – she wishes Saddam Hussein were still in power and filling mass graves daily with the Iraqi people.

That hypocrisy is no accident. You show me anyone who demonizes others to make herself sound kind and caring, and I will show you a callous and brutal hypocrite exploiting human misery for her own self-serving aggrandizement.

So, put that act on a little thicker, Woolsey. Dump on the Channel No. 5. Maybe then you’ll be fooling someone besides yourself.


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