Brits Fake It in Basra

Guardian Headline: British army joins battle to control Basra.

Well, not exactly. If you read the article you find that the useless Brits have just lobbed a few artillery shells at a mortar position in Basra.

They call THAT engaging in the fight.

After four years of looking the other way while Basra imploded into anarchy and chaos, with gangs of thugs of every stripe robbing, murdering, and terrorizing the populace to their hearts’ content, the British do-nothings finally get shamed (by the Iraqis and Americans moving in to establish law and order) into lobbing a few artillery shells at a mortar position from a nice, safe distance way out of town.

The British army spokesman in Basra, Major Tom Holloway, tried to deny that the Brits’ were too cowardly to do anything but sit on their bums by telling the BBC that “This is something we were always prepared to do.”

Wow, willing to fire off a few artillery shells from 10 miles away – how heroic. That’s all you Great Brits are prepared to do: from the airport, many miles out of range of return fire, shoot artillery at a lone mortar position too far away to even see. 

Now, if American troops were doing that, the Guardian would be screaming bloody murder about the inaccuracy of such strikes and all the collateral damage and civilian casualities that would result. But check out the article – not a peep about that when British troops are doing it.

That’s nationalism.

In fact, it’s the same story in Afghanistan. We avoid using weapons systems that are likely to cause civilian casualties. Instead, we take on the increased risk of greater American casualties by coming in with ground troops. But not our European “allies.” They kill far more more civiilians than our troops do, and have incurred the hatred of many Afghans for doing that, because they always come in like cowards, with air strikes or some other form of overkill.

Notice the lying caption below the picture in that Guardian article, too: “A British soldier patrols the northern suburbs of the southern Iraqi city of Basra.”

Yeah, “patrolling” all right, in a helicopter.

Lie. Lie. Lie.

But neither the British planes nor helicoptors will come down low enough over the city to shoot…again, because then they could get shot back at. Yes! Even that’s too dangerous for them! Since they have artillery, and it’s safer yet for them, that’s what they use, no matter how many innocent civilians get killed.

This is the heart of the Euopean psyche: it cares about NO ONE but themselves. The “humanitarian” mask is just a cover for that odious fact about this depraved culture. They are no different than they were during the two world wars – just (thank goodness) much less powerful now, is all.

Message to the UK: Get your useless troops out of there even sooner than you had you had planned. Everything you do is a phony show.


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