Brits: Hurry Up and Get Out of Iraq Today

What the hell have the British been doing in Basra all this time to leave such a mess?

Faking it, that’s what:

As British troops withdraw from Basra, good men die

 This week proves our retreat from Basra was one of Britain’s great military disasters

Maybe it’s about time our so-called “friends” and “allies” began to concern themselves whith what WE think of THEM. I say it’s time to stop trying to please to the impossible to please and just write them off as what they are – “friends” and “allies” only when they need something from us.

And as for their being “humanitarian,” gag me with a spoon.

Whether you Brits like it or not, your government joined in the war; your troops were thus given a section of the country to oversee, and it was their responsibility to do so. But for all of your Rudyard Kiplingesque, vaunted-and-taunted “colonialist” past, your sorry excuses for soldiers did nothing the entire time they were there except to sit on their bums and watch complacently while Basra imploded around them. My husband, the freelance journalist Steven Vincent, was abducted off the streets of Basra in August 2005 by five men in police uniforms, held for hours, beaten and shot to death, literally two days after he had an article in the NY Times about how the do-nothing British were allowing the situation down there to spiral completely out of control. On his first trip to Basra in February 2004 he spoke with the officers overseeing things; he asked how they could just stand and watch as Christians were murdered in the streets, alcohol sellers were assassinated, owners of music and video stores had their places firebombed and were told not to re-open on pain of death, women not wearing “proper” clothing were beaten and threatened with violence and murder if they did not cover up. Their reply – “Not our problem, mate”. Great. Just great. So your government accepts the responsibility of going into a combat situation, and your soldiers spend the next 4 years wanking and drinking tea, a bunch of military Bartleby the Scriveners, saying nothing but “I would prefer not to” whenever they were asked for help. Their forerunners who died in the Battle of Britain, El Alamein, Tobruk and so many other places, to say nothing of General Montgomery, must be spinning in their graves. And whether you consider the war to be just or not, the fact remains that British inaction doomed countless numbers of innocent Iraqis, and one brave American journalist, to violence, torture, torment and death. You all ought to be ashamed.


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