Who’s the “scold”? The Democrats? Or the President?

See those headlines in the MSM that have the President “scolding” the Democrats or Congress?

It’s irrational to consider it an accident when wordsmiths use precisely the word they should use to describe the Democrats’ talk about Mr. Bush.

Scold. Really? That of ALL possible words to describe the President with? They couldn’t pick one less ironic? Give me a break. That ain’t a stupid accident. That’s a desire to malign = malignant. This is why I consider the press largely a bunch of calculating liars.

The Democrats scold Mr. Bush for every joke he tells. They scold him for playing a guitar for a few minutes on a day when there is a hurricane. They scold him for the evasive itinerary Air Force One took on 9/11. They scold him for every single thing he does or says. Every single one.

In other words, the press is deliberately trying to cleanse the Democrats of their character as a bunch of scowling scolds and scrape that taint off onto the very victim of all their eternal scolding, the President.


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