The Status of U.S. Efforts in Iraq

I saw a Center for Strategic & International Studies “expert panel” today on “The Status of U.S. Efforts in Iraq.”

Guess who the “experts” were. Two reporters: Rajiv Chandrasekaran, national editor at the Washington Post and Nancy Youssef, Baghdad Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers. And CBS’s Bob Scheiffer ran the show.

Youseff actually did say something that wasn’t blather, when she explained how US troops have come out of their bases and embedded themselves among the Iraqi people in the surge, so that this close interaction between them has born fruit in good relations and a better understanding that helps our troops do their jobs better.

But otherwise, the reporters just blathered off the tops of their heads answers to every question. Some “experts” – I could usually have answered better than they did.

When they were finished blathering,  then the only real expert, Anthony Cordesman, gave the correct answer while apparantly trying his best not to embarrass them by making them look stuipid and ignorant.

This was my favorite part: Someone in the audience asked why the Russians don’t seem to care very much if Iran gets nuclear weapons.

You should have heard the blather and wild stretches for reasons they grasped at like straws. Even Cordesman didn’t get this one, though he looked disgusted by then and may have just held back because he couldn’t stand it anymore. 

Hey, you numbskulls: The Russians don’t care because it makes trouble for us and those nuclear weapons won’t be aimed at Russia. They’ll be aimed at Jews and sent to the United States in suitcases.

Ah, the intelligentsia. What a think tank!


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