French President Insults British Parliament

Wow, them Europeans lay it on thick. You needed hip boots to wade through it all.

But someone please tap the President de la Republique on the shoulder and tell him that the British Parliament and Prime Minister are not flattered by a description of Britain’s history as “full of sound and fury.”

I kid you not. Yes, you’d have to be French to think that is a compliment 😉

Mais, mes amis, when quoting Shakespeare, it’s best to read the whole sentence…

“…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

In other words, President Sarkozy just told both Houses of Parliament and the Prime Minister today that all of British history is meaningless (babble) 😮

Not exactly what he intended with the ripest display of pure, unadulterated, flattery I’ve ever seen. The Speaker of the House of Commons was briefer but no better, being a Scott (and therefore traditionally allied with the French against the English).

The way these Euros go on and on and on and on and on and on … about history way back into medieval times. Like they haven’t got anything else to talk about!

I think they just do it to avoid having to say anything. Anything meaningful, that is, anything relevant to the matter at hand. It’s just a way of babbling and reminding themselves of Europe’s grandiose past.

But in the bath of fetid flattery Sarkozy heaped on the British today, there were two surprises.

First, nothing less than a new alignment in Europe. The fornication of France and Germany (brought about by Chirac and Schroeder) is ended. France is now seducing the UK instead.

And he did everything but come right out and say that this amounted to France drawing nearer to those the Brits have a “special relationship” with. You know, like Canada, Australia, and — come on, we know who he really meant: US = U.S.

But he didn’t come with only his hat in his hand. He offered passionate thanksgiving for Britain’s aid during World War II (to which Parliamentary pates were nodding “Yes, that’s the right thing to say! Give us more of that!”) and reminded the Brits that France is a nuclear power too.

Oooh. Count ’em – one, two, three nuclear powers in league could really boss Europe, Russia, and the Middle East around!

Ah, la gloire. No more nasty demonization of the “anglosphere” from France. For awhile at least. France is a turncoat that changes sides constantly.

So, it’s basically good news, I guess, but nothing to put any stock in.

Sarkozy also promised to actually send more than ten men in the back of pickup truck to Afghanistan as well. But let’s wait till we see it to believe it.


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