The Ugly White House Press Corps

You’ve really got to see it to believe it. Tune in to C-SPAN’s coverage of the daily White House Press Briefing to see how the ugliness of the journalists of the White House Press Corps has come out in their faces.

If you thought Helen Thomas was hard to look at, you should see the men. Such an ugly, ugly, ugly bunch you never saw. Their ugly pusses are cemented into permanent scowls so brittle you think they’re going to crack.

They don’t even look real anymore – rather like a bunch of creeps in ugly masks.

“Watchdogs of democracy” my ass. What arrogance. Who elected them? I must have missed it: were they established as the so-called “4th estate” in Article 1, Article 2, or Article 3 of the Constitution? The insufferable hubris and presumptuousness of these clowns. They are self-appointed to the office they invented and claim to hold. They aren’t guarding our democracy: they’re trying to subvert it – to control the government themselves for us ignorant unwashed masses.

And if they have to deceive us into voting the way they think we should, they will.

Newsflash, morons: Your freakin job is to report the news period!

But they collect no news at all anymore. They aren’t reporters anymore: they think they’re prosecutors who will never, ever, ever give up until they’ve badgered the witness into confessing. That’s the only kind of question they ask (besides arguing policy with the president’s spokeperson): the most flagrant dishonesty, leading questions, badgering questions, captious questions, putting words in the press secretary’s mouth, twisting things – they are totally naked and shameless anymore in their obsessive-compulsive need to falsely incriminate “this administration,” to extort a confession of guilt, of error, and to take personal responsibility for the deaths of everyone killed in Iraq.

They can’t stop. There obviously are not enough psychiatrists in Washington DC.


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