Mass Insanity

I don’t like any of the candidates. McCain and Clinton are narcissists, like Bill was. But there is no reason to think they harbor ill will toward this country. No reason to think they don’t intend to do it good. The danger with such people is their ego, impulsiveness, and their all-consuming infatuation with their false image. When Bill had the drop on Osama bin Laden, he took care of his image instead of the American people. So that Euros couldn’t gasp and say he had done evil by killing Bin Laden, Bill Clinton called off the plan to kill or capture Bin Laden.

And 3,000 Americans died. For the sake of Bill’s goody-goody IMAGE.

THAT’S the kind of betrayal we have have to worry about with these types: they are in it for themselves and and are shallow as a puddle. It’s all about them in their eyes, not us. They will be whatever it’s politically expedient to be, and they have towering egos that explode in anger when they feel slighted.

So exect a nuclear meltdown of either of them becomes president and get half as badly abused as President Bush has been.

But narcissists are also great manipulators and real bastards, the kind of jerk you’re glad is on YOUR side in a conflict.

But Obama – Obama is another beast. You have to be stark, raving mad to vote for a guy who belongs for 20 years to a church that preaches racism, anti-Americanism, and “God damn America!” Anyone who would still vote for Obama after learning that belongs in a lock-up ward.


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