Dear Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

Take that speech and put it where it belongs. The issue was how you square belonging to that congregation with the song you sing about race and this country.

It’s a pretty song, a nice song. Don’t we wish you meant it? Your actions make a liar of you.

Kinda like courting votes by dissing NAFTA while telling the Canadian government not to worry because you don’t mean what you’re saying. Kinda like courting Jewish campaign donations while telling your Palestinian friends that you will be honest about your support for the Palestinians after the election.

That pretty speech was nothing but a lot of smoke. Answer the question: If you want to be president, why do you belong to that racist, anti-American, Communist institution? Especially why do you belong to it while acting like exactly the opposite type of person?

Quit slithering like a sidewinder and answer the question.


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