Reverse Racism

This is heresy, but it’s about time we had the guts to acknowledge the existence of black racism. Black hatred of whites and Hispanics.

Blacks themselves should stop and think. It’s hurting THEM.

Think of the us-vs-them attitude it instills in young blacks and then wonder why 40% of the prison population is black.

Think of how it handicaps the self-confidence of blacks. How many does it instill with an envy of the money in white pockets because they don’t believe they can earn as much themselves? Why should they try to succeed when they have been told that racism will just hold them down? Think of how this myth enslaves them to the political party that buys their vote in a block with tax-dollar handouts and racial preferences.

In short, think of how it perpetuates poverty and keeps blacks way over-represented among the poor.

There are blacks who know this and are speaking out against it. It’s about time their fellow blacks started listening to these black voices of common sense and sanity.

The high-powered black leaders are serving their own interests, not those of blacks in general. They exaggerate white racism 100-fold, detecting a white racist behind every bush. Why? Because they become nobody the moment they admit that white racism is rare and no longer the huge problem they make it out to be. In other words, they create the myth of rampant racism to give themselves a reason to exist. Their ability to deliver the black vote in a block on a platter makes them wealthy and powerful. And it’s about time the average black person thought twice and realized this.

And we don’t need the black-on-brown race wars in Los Angeles.

Indeed, any objective observer must admit that racism is rare in whites compared to how common it is among blacks and Hispanics.

Why? Because it is TOLERATED among blacks and Hispanics, that’s why. Double standards are double standards.

90% of Hispanics vote against the black (for Clinton) and 90% of blacks vote for the black (Obama). That’s OK. But what if 90% of the whites voted for the white? THAT would be racism.

Shame on us: we whites don’t like being treated so unfairly.

And we don’t like being hated for the color of our skin either, duh. We are sick of walking on eggshells – unable to criticize any black person for fear of having our character assassinated as a “racist.”

It’s absurd to thus make blacks (like Barack Obama) infallible. No matter what he does, you’re a racist if you notice. He gets the benefit of unreasonable doubt, while your inner motives and intents are divined to be evil. That sucks.

And what are we to make of this black animosity toward us? Like it won’t make us fear blacks? How does THAT help matters? Then blacks just persecute us for fearing them. Catch-22.



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