Christians Should Learn Some Manners

This is the kind of thing that gives Christians a bad name.

Happy Easter to you and yours from On the Baseline Tennis News!

“I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will have life even if they die.” (John 11:25)

We sincerely hope you enjoy a wonderful Resurrection holiday with your family and friends.

Back off and quit imposing your “Resurrection Day” on the rest of us. Newsflash: we don’t commemorate this event that we don’t believe in. What’s the matter with you? Why do you folks NEVER preface your wish with a polite “To our fellow Christians, we wish…”?

Huh? Why? Answer me. Why? Why do you always lay that line on the whole world? Whom do you think you’re fooling?

Have you no upbringing? Back off, and quit imposing your religion on the rest of us.

That’s what you’re doing. And you know it.

Deny it? Then OK, have it your way: you’re just too stupid to tell the difference between bearing witness to your beliefs and insulting those who don’t share them. Better clear the fog out of your head.

If you weren’t a Christian, how would you like to be wished a happy Easter? What a left-handed insult. All sugared over with icky-sweetness to make it maximally obnoxious on top of it all.

What “Resurrection Day”? Like you think we all buy the Wildest Story Ever Told? Newsflash: 5 BILLION of us don’t. Why are you acting like we nonbelievers don’t exist?

Are you really so ignorant that you don’t know everyone isn’t a Christian? Then why are you pretending such ignorance? Isn’t that a lie? Then what’s so virtuous about the pretense?

Let’s hide all non Christians behind the ha-jib, eh? As if they don’t exist. Like you don’t know you’re thus devaluing those you minimize this way.

You’d scream bloody murder if writers hid women that way by using he-words and man-words as if they really are gender neutral. Well, you’re doing the same thing with religion. That ain’t “witness.” It’s an insult, duh.

How would you like it if others were so crass? If they wished you a Happy Boxing Day, or a Happy Buddha’s Birthday?

All religions become steamrollers when they enjoy a powerful majority in a region. But the worst are the proselytizing religions – Christianity and Islam. If there is a God, may he spare the rest of us from their constant overbearing insults.


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