Anti-American Americans

The American people are virtually the only people in the world who are a creature of our Constitution, not a breed. Even western Europeans still identify with their ethnicity. Hence all other nations are nationalistic. But we can’t be.

That’s why you just don’t find anti-French French or anti-British Brits or anti-Japanese Japanese. To be anti- their nation, they’d have to be anti- their own kind.

But holier-than-thou Americans have no such problem. So you do find plenty of anti-American Americans. Our holier-than-thous easily split off and, pretending to be better than the rest of us, betray the rest of us to national character assassination by ganging up with haughty Europeans or other nasty characters attacking the character of America and the American people.

These holier-than-thous are like Little Big Man, screaming, “Don’t shoot me too! I’m not one of them! See? I hate America too!”

Putrid. Just putrid.

That is being a traitor. And their motive is as naked as The Emperor in His New Clothes, so whom do they think they’re fooling?

We had it right in the 1960’s when we told those greasy-handed adulterers to love America or leave it.


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