Shocker! Pope “calls for peace” on Easter Sunday!!!!!

Even when I was a Catholic, the annual Christmas and Easter “call for peace” used to nauseate me.

All he ever says is for ‘All you children, stop fighting now. Amen.’

In other words, he says nothing. It’s nothing but hot air.

He never has the moral courage to say anything real. Like, ‘Hey, you guys in this conflict. Side A is quibbling and lying and being unreasonable about this issue, and Side B is quibbling and lying and being unreasonable about that issue. Both of you grow up, get honest, and make peace.’

No, the pope is too cowardly to ever say anything like that.

Even when one side is manifestly in the right, he talks as though they are morally equivalent.

If he’s going to do that, it would be better if he shut up.

What is the purpose, then, of this biennial blow? It’s obviously nothing but a demonstration of His Holiness’ holiness – at the expense of ‘all you children who are doing wrong.’

Yes, he’s just standing there in one of his two annual moments in the limelight, pointing the finger of accusation all around the world at these and those for this and that…to accomplish nothing but SOUNDING holy.

Indeed, this rhetoric is nothing but a subtle demonization (of even the just side in a conflict) to make his holiness seem holier than them.

Not a good deed. For, as Jesus said of hypocrisy, it’s just done for the doer to be seen doing it.

Actually, this pope was better than his forebears at first. But obviously the Curia was really unhappy with him and has him in tow now, so that he will no longer risk the anger management problems of Muslims, by challenging the violent doctrine of radical Islam.


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