Is Barack Obama really that stupid?

Barack Obama belongs to a church where the pastor thunders “God damn America!” from the pulpet, and the congregation cackles “Amen!”

Then he thinks he should be President of the United States? What for? To damn it or to help it?

Racism in the sermons, racism plasteread all over the home page of the congregation’s website, in books and DVD’s for sale from the church. Anti-Americanism throughout. Communism throughout. Wild accusations, such as that the US government invented the AIDS virus to exterminate the black race and diabolically imprisons large numbers of blacks by giving them drugs to enslave and imprison them.

Obama calls that just “controversial”? Should have expected that absurdity from someone who calls hope audaceous.

Obama belongs to an outfit like these moonbats, sends his children to church there, and thinks he should be President of the United States?

What is he up to? To punish America for all these alleged sins and just generally being so hateful to him and his fellow “Christians” in that moonbattery?  Is he playing the devil with us?

I’m sorry, but there is no other logical conclusion. What are you going to do to us, Barack, if you get that much power over us? 

Obama laid the old “moral equivalence” fart on us with his vaunted speech on race.

And the excuses he made for his hate preacher were lies. (Indeed, it’s looking like you can’t believe Barack Obama about what day of the week it is.) Malignant Reverend Wright grew up in the north, Philidelphia, in a middle class family of college educated parents and grandparaents. Got multiple master’s degrees. Not exactly the suffering Obama flasely claimed he had in the Jim Crow South.

What Barack said otherwise about race was fine. How different he talks to our face! In fact, in public he has always seemed the way he made himself sound.

It’s what he does behind our backs that makes his true colors show through. His talk and walk are opposite in the extreme.

All along, he has been attending a black racist “Christian” church (And yes, blacks can be racist – no more of that moronic camel shit that only whites can commit that sin.), with an anti-American, Communist agenda. For 20 years, Obama went to this church. Listening to hate talk. Hate talk plastered all over that church’s website.

And he insults our intelligence now by saying that this is no different than anyone remaining in a congregation where the minister says something you don’t agree with? Don’t hand me that. What do you think we are, Barack? Anyone with an IQ above 88 knows better than that. You must be pretty haughty to have that low an an estimate of our intelligence.

By the way, it takes some to recognize it in others 😉

He says he can’t disown this hate preacher any more than he can disown his grandmother.

Say what?

Another mouthful of turd for Kool-aid kids eager to swallow whole without thinking.

And by the way, since his grandmother is white, he did disown her by just being a member of of that congregation. His white mother didn’t abandon him. His white grandparaents didn’t abandon him. Fine thanks they get. His African father abandonned him.

And look at his voting record. The most leftward voting senator. To the left of the one with the moral courage to admit he’s he’s a socialist. Even left of Kennedy and Kerry.

No wonder Obama preaches fuzzy wuzzy abstractions instead of telling us what he plans to DO if we elect him president. The sneaky snake.

His track record reveals him: at best, he countenances and sympathizes with black racism and anti-Americanism. He’s at best a socialist and at worst a Communist. And he’s trying to hide that to get elected.

Bottom Line: He’s a two-face. What you see is not what you get. You’d have to be a black racist or a willfully blind idiot to vote for him.


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