5th Anniversay Demonstrations

I watched some of the demonstrators yesterday on C-SPAN. My favorite bit was the demonstration of waterboarding they did for the cameras.

Surely these people do not see themselves when they look in a mirror. They halucinate instead.

It was like a Saturday Night Live skit. They couldn’t have done more to make fun of waterboarding!

What kind of brain-dead morons thought an act like that would persuade anyone to agree with them?

Which just goes to show what their real goal is = to get attention, period.

Just like a bunch of kids, they were. In fact, they dress like kids – wild colors and wild costumes = anything to get attention. They act out like kids. They talk like kids, with sound-bite minds that turn upon slogans. Even their taste is that of children.

Let’s get them a bunch of tinfoil halos from Christian school Christmas Play productions. Snap wings on them. Glow paint them. And let them improve their “Look Ma! See how good I am” attention-getting act in the streets.

That’s what it’s all about. Seeming like a goooood person. Sounding like a goooood person. At the expense of anyone who disagrees with them. Just a secular self-righteous hypocrite act to seem holier than thou. For attention. Like kids.

Pay attention to these children now, everybody. Because you know what children do when they don’t get the attention they demand.

Which is why this time they broke the law and overran their boundaries. One holier-than-us idiot bragged about it, telling the C-SPAN cameras that they had planned the move and that if we didn’t want them blocking traffic all over Washington to bring it to a grinding halt, we had better give in and do what they, “the people,” say.

Which is a threat. Of extortion. But this moonbat is too mentally retarded to realize that.

And, by the way, what does that make us then? Not “the people”?

Yes, this is state of mental retardation these activits are in: they are a tiny minority who consider themselves “the people” and get what they want, not in the voting booth, but by creating chaos in the streets with their tantrums untill they get their way.


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