Paramus Paladin

Is he normal?

Many victims of psychological harassment suffer from physical ailments, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, stress, fatigue, depressive states, burn outs, and in some cases suicide. Many are unable to continue working and suffer financial loss.

In some cases the causes are over work, unrealistic work demands, withholding information and resources, arbitrary removal of responsibilities, public humiliation, consistent over time, lack of professional autonomy, favoritism and nepotism, excessive competitive work environment, disorganized working conditions, ambiguous tasks or contradictory tasks, tasks that are deprived of purpose, constant threats of dismissal, leadership styles, lack of communication, and intimidation.

Violence has different forms: Physical and Psychological. Many safe guards have been put in place to prevent physical violence in our society but few if any exist to prevent psychological violence.Psychological harassment has many forms: the most common being verbal abuse. Some tactics aim at trying to humiliate or weaken the morale of individuals or groups.Mobbing also referred to by some as bullying, psychological terrorism, and organizational violence is described as a collective form of psychological violence in which many individuals unite to persecute an individual by making constant negative remarks, repeated criticism or sarcasm, intimidation, threats, insinuations, try to humiliate, circulate false information concerning the individual, and to socially isolate the individual. Mobbing is a way of destroying a person without using any physical means, a psychological war of nerves with wear the individual out tactics. A group attacks an individual’s dignity, integrity, self-image, self-confidence, self-esteem, place in doubt of competence, threaten their careers, and means of subsistence.

Or is he a psychopath/malignant narcissist having a blast?


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