The Towering Stupidity of New Yorkers

NYT Headline: Spitzer Resigns in Sex Scandal and Turns His Attention to Healing His Family

Is the air too thin way up thar in them thar skyscrapers?

I like the way the NYT dishes out credibility. Like people with their brains crammed into their skulls upside-down and backwards. 

Besides, what the Great Pretender actually said was that he was leaving political life “to concentrate on healing himself and his family.”

Healing himself.  Within 6 months, he’ll have succeeded in making himself a victim. And he will rise again, mark my words. Again, over the trashed good names of others.

This is the weirdo the escort service was worried about because of his kinky and unsafe demands. Duh, but that means nothing to a dumb-cluck New Yorker. He was a Democrat crusading against evil big business, so what could be wrong with him?

This is a guy (like John Mcain) whom most people in his own party whov’e had to work with him can’t stand but fear to speak up publicaly about why. But what’s wrong with being a “steamroller” in a dumb-cluck New Yorker’s eyes? And what’s wrong with having a terrible temper that attacks out of the blue, so long as the next day he acts like his abuse of you didn’t happen? That’s good, right?

This is the scum who tried to frame a friend and benefactor as the one in that motel room that night. Even that putrid act means nothing , right? Only if you’re a dumb-cluck New Yorker.

I think we’d better go back and make sure he put no one innocent in jail.

And these New Yorkers are the same dumb clucks who claim the President is the one with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They wouldn’t know it if it bit them in the nose.


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