New Yorkers & Spitzer

New Yorkers just don’t get it. They make the Spitzer scandal about sex. Duh, they see nothing to get upset about. Like Spitzer being a con artist. A total mockery, a total fraud. Nothing to be concerned about in that?

Hey, New Yorkers, the mask slipped. Don’t you see what’s underneath it?

Character? Who cares? They don’t care that leaders are liars and crooks, so long as those liars and crooks are on their side in the political war.

Narcissism? Narcissism? They see no narcissism except where it most ain’t. What kind of person signs into the hotel under the name of a friend and benefactor? But keep forgetting that pathological part of it, New Yorkers. What kind of John gets a report from the prostitute that he beheved and wasn’t “difficult” this time? Just keep your eyes closed tight, New Yorkers.

Like they saw nothing but sex in Clinton demanding oral sex from a college student half his age whose entire future was at his mercy if she displeased him.

Something they would have crucified any other powerful man for doing.

In other words, these the smartest people in America, dumb it all down – con artistry and sexual predation – down to just “sex.”

If only we could all be so sophisticated.


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