What Election?

Well, I suddenly totally lost interest in the election.

I’m totally cynical now. Only pathologically narcissistic jerks can win a party nomination for president. Only they have the manipulative powers to succeed.

What happened to my liking of McCain?

Well, first there were some jokes I heard him tell in stump speeches on C-SPAN. Bad ones. At first, I chalked them up to nervousness that gets the mouth ahead of the brain.

But then I heard him repeat some of them several times in later speeches. Who retells a joke that lays an egg?

He obviously doesn’t know why people don’t laugh. (Ding!) That’s what appears to make him nervous – when he sees people aren’t laughing and wonders why.

Then there were those instantaneous face changes. (Ding! Ding!) Mask switiching. Like, he says something and then flashes from deadpan to the smiley face in one second flat…to manipulate us into mirroring it back at him.

Then there was this – the sickening Chelsea Clinton joke. No normal person tells a joke like that. And, while searching for an account of it, I hit the jackpot.

But that article is all wrong. McCain’s temper isn’t out of control. It is totally under control. Like his smiley-face mask. He uses it like a musical instrument to manipulate people with.

I wouldn’t vote for him if the other person running was Hugo Chavez.

Hillary is no better, with the crazy pathological lying, the gold-digging, and the shallowness. Both her and McCain are hollow inside and would switch parties and idiologies tomorrow if they thought it politically expedient. I wouldn’t vote for her either – EVER. I figure it’s our duty not to put pathological personalities in the White House.

I don’t trust Obama farther than I can throw him. He’s an unknown quantity and doing his best to keep it that way. I find that suspicious.

And Michell is another Hillary. I really don’t like that matronizing face pat she gives Barrack when he draws a lot of applause.

Ah, this is the cream of the political crop. Pass me the puke bucket please.

(Then they wonder why people don’t vote.)


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