The “Immigration” Furor

I don’t like either extreme in the so-called “immigration” debate = the “illegal sneaking into the United States” debate.

I think every reasonable person sees that we must control our our borders and that in some places this may require a fence or wall.

The notion of “open borders” is absurd. No border, no country. The United States belongs to the American people, not Mexicans or anyone else.

If Mexico were governed well, no fences would be necessary. But because the Mexican government is so corrupt that it helps the rich bleed the poor, very poor Mexicans are going to do exactly what their government wants them to do – leave and come here to make us take care of them.

That’s too bad. But we will never see the Mexican government clean up its act untill we seal that border. That will deprive them of the safety valve to that pressure cooker. If they don’t want a revolution on their hands, they will have to stop plundering their lower classes and shipping them north when there’s nothing left to steal from them.

I guarantee it: the moment we get control of that border, the Mexican ruling class will get religion. It’s the best thing we could do to help the Mexican people.

But many Republicans are just as unreasonable as many Democrats are. Really now, if an illegal immigrant is serving in Iraq, are you going to deport him and his wife or parents? Give me a break!

Once we secure the border, we will have a mess to sort out with the illegals already here. I think every reasonable person should agree that those in prison should immediately be deported. Every reasonable person should agree that these people need to be brought out of the shadows to where they can be protected by our laws (and thus no longer be easy prey for criminals and dirty-dealing employers) and pay all their taxes. I think every reasonable person should agree that there should be a penalty for sneaking into the United States ahead of all the immigrants in line to enter legally.

But that still leaves many sticky issues. We will never decide where to draw the line so long as the unreasonable people on both sides refuse to get reasonable.

We are talking about 13 million people … out of about 400 million. Is that really so much? What are people having such a conniption fit about? Let’s get this problem in perspective. One side says it is no problem, and the other says it is a horrendous problem, and both are being stupid.


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