Pretty bird. Till you see what happens when they see a scrap to fight over.

Kinda like Democrats and Republicans. How pretty their image makers make them seem. Till you see them tearing this country apart in their eternal squabble over it, as if it’s but a scrap for them to contest possession of.

Notice how they even use a military term of war in calling it “occupying” the White House.

They don’t care about America: they care only about gaining power over it. Ruling it. They harm it recklessly and without a second thought whenever doing so helps them disgrace and oust the other Party in the next election.

I usually lambaste the Democrats for this, but that doesn’t mean I think the Republicans are saints. Since they are the party in power right now, they are the more responsible and the better behaved. True, they have never stooped to what the Democrats are doing – sabatoging foreign policy, fanning the flames of anti-Americanism, and even hindering the conduct of war while encouraging our enemies to keep believing they can win, but just give the Republicans time to sink to that level. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, the next time a Democrat “occupies” the White House, the Republicans don’t soil themselves as badly by doing the same damned thing.

So, here’s to you birds: you traitors make me sick.

Presidents of either party are the least to blame. It’s the Congress that really stinks.

Hey, boys and girls, who signs your paycheck? The Party treasurer? or us? I think it’s about time we docked your pay for every minute you spend serving your party instead of the American people. That’s what the Comminist Party of the Soviet Union was all about – its own power, not the nation or its people, which it treated as mere booty – and you are becoming more like it every day.


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