Oh-oh, we are guilty of people in Iran dressing wrong.

But then we are guilty whenever anyone in Antarctica passes gas, too.

No kidding. There isn’t anything that doesn’t get blamed on America. A BBC reporter tried to even get an interviewee to say that America could be to blame for the tsunami. Apparatly he thinks the weather causes earthquakes, and America is to blame for bad weather, of course.

America = God Almighty then, right? Jeez, don’t you think the rest of the world should scale down their estimate of our importance a bit?

Anyway, here is some good news: Esmaeil Ahmadi, commander in chief of Iran’s “Disciplinary Forces” (i.e., police) said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic “is stronger than ever, both nationally and internationally.”

You just know that when they feel compelled to declare that that the opposite is true.

I don’t know whether overthrow is possible, whether there is enough support among Iranians for it. But I do know that the people of a country are responsible for its government. They should remember that when their government is busy using them as sacrificial propaganda offerings in a war with the United States.

They have the power to overthrow it. They have the right to overthrow it. They have the moral obligation to overthrow it. Let’s see if they can lift a finger for themselves and do it. 


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