Iraq the Model: End the War: Right Message Sent to the Wrong Address

That’s as clear as you can say it. Mohammed at Iraq the Model writes:

What did the last wave of terror attacks and the many crimes committed against our people all this time reveal?

If we look at how the media handles the situation we’ll find something like this almost everywhere;

Dozens killed, scores wounded in attacks suggest failure of security measures…

It’s as if the speaker here wants to only emphasize the defect in security measures in a way that honestly angers and disgusts me.
When shall they realize, if ever, that we are dealing with brutal crimes against humanity, a genocide against the people of Iraq? Why don’t people talk about the cruelty of the crimes and expose the obvious goals of the terrorists behind the crimes?

It’s frustrating to see the media turn a blind eye to the nature of the crimes and open fire on an honest endeavor to restore peace to a bleeding nation. I’m sure the terrorists are pleased by the coverage. Why not, when their crimes are being portrayed as successful breakthroughs against the efforts of Iraq and America it’s likely motivating them to keep up the killing.

Mohammed asks what I have often asked. Why don’t these degenerates ever report the facts about the terrible crimes the terrorists commit? Why do they supress the details of these atrocities? Why is it always just “a bomb went here” or “a bomb went off there”? Who’s paying them, OBL? Why don’t the degenerates of Left ever scream at the terrorists to stop the war? Why is all their screaming at the defenders?

Don’t ask why, Mohammed. The emperor has no clothes. He’s shameless.  It’s not like the media and journalists really believe in what they’re doing and are misguided and can therefore be reasoned with. 


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