A Blast from the Past: Socialist George Orwell on the Left

George Orwell. A faithful socialist. A card-carrying member of the British intelligentsia.

Political thought, especially on the left, is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of fact hardly matters. – George Orwell

Bulls-eye! Sums it up perfectly.

George Orwell. A faithful socialist. A card-carrying member of the British intelligentsia. Lambasting the Left and the intelligentsia.

Not just once, but many times, in a personal war effort of words, back in the 1940’s. And those words reverberate today.

In his essay on nationalism, Orwell says that the Left are nationalists in disguise – negative nationalists who denigrate some other group as a left-handed way of asserting their own kind’s supremacy. You know, trash somebody else to look good by comparison. It’s the oldest dirty trick in The Book.

Orwell said that all leftists do is take everything that happens and, basically, masturbate with it.

That is, they stroke themselves with every current event to scratch an itch and make themselves feel good, as often as not, with schadenfreude.

How? By twisting it, if necessary, into proof that some hated rival is on the downgrade and that therefore their kind is on the upgrade.

Perfect again. That’s all they do. Which means that if a fact runs counter to their doctrine that their ideology is superior and therefore will triumph, they apply anti-logic to draw a preposterous conclusion from an action or event. Like that ‘the terrorists will attack us if we fight back.’

This explains the schadenfreude throughout Europe and its media over any bad news in Iraq, the East Coast power blackout, Hurricane Katrina, and the massacre at Virginia Tech. It also explains the media representing every random shot fired in Iraq as a defeat in itself, as if the fact that there’s a fight proves we are losing it(?)

Intellectuals should donate their bodies to science so we can see an autopsy of their brains. 

Orwell said this is why nationalists, including leftist intellectuals (negative nationalists attached to a pseudo-religion in their ideology rather than to their breed), are capable of the most flagrant dishonesty.

I might add that this is because their contempt for truth and logic makes them pathological liars, like the character/personality disordered, who will argue with you till the cows come home that the sky is purple. Not because they expect you to believe that boldfaced lie, but because they believe in make believe. So they just want you to shut up and play along with their little game of pretend behind the Looking Glass, where the sky is purple.

Reading Orwell’s essays on this is like entering the Twilight Zone. Every other sentence gives you a feeling of deja vu.

He wrote them more than 60 years ago, during the last onslaught of fascism on the world, when the Left was doing the same damned thing it is today – siding, either openly or tacitly, with the fascist aggressors against their own country!

Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me’.  

But this elementary common sense is just not graspable by the people who call themselves “the people who think.” Today it’s the Islamofasists of Islamism and its Islamic jihad that they aid by hindering all manner of defense against it.

Orwell points out the insufferable mockery in these jackasses portraying themselves as not belonging to either side, as being “outside the war” by condemning the very war effort that was feeding them at the cost of British sailors’ lives, and in condemning the war effort and every single security measure that was defending their right to their socialist political views! 

Out of it, indeed! But they weren’t out of the war. They were just out of their bloody minds!

And you’ll hear similar cookiness from the Democrats in Congress. They are constantly saying things that mean the war goes away if we just turn our backs on it. Only in your delusions!

Orwell pleads with them to consider REALITY, what would happen if they actually got their way. It was like talking to a brick wall. Such people are so permanently absorbed in their fuzzy abstractions and so far out of touch with reality that a request like that goes right through their brains like a neutron. They would not pass for normal on a psychological exam. They are treating their minds as garbage dumps and thus damaging their minds. Garbage in, garbage out. It’s their own fault.  That’s what they get for being hypocrites who just lie to themselves whenever they want.

Why are they so perverse? Because they are sick in the head. According to their religion, they are the good people because the capitalists are evil. And since the capitalists are evil, you can never say they’re right about anything or are doing anything good. Therefore, you must condemn EVERYTHING they do and say! Yes, those evil capitalists can do no good, so they are doing evil even when they are just defending themselves (and you) from attack. You must be against everything they do, even if you have to side with Devil to be against them on an issue.

In other words, because of their knee-jerk anti-capitalism = anti-Americanism and anti-patriotism. And because, “the world of fact hardly matters” to them. They spend no time in it: they live behind the Looking Glass.

Do read Orwell’s essays. He could have written them today. Virtually the only difference between then and now is the fascist entity threatening the world and the type of warfare it wages. 

These essays are invaluable as an enlightening look into the beehive mind of the Leftist intelligentsia that will  serve as an epiphany for anyone who doesn’t know that crowd from the inside. Marc Schulman at American Future has an excellent essay summarizing them.

Voices like Orwell’s are with us today too. They are the most powerful forces for sense and sanity in the West. Respect them. They are true-believing socialists, not hypocrites like the rest. They have stepped aside (from the stampede of the possessed) saying, “Wait a minute, people! That is crazy. I’m not going along with that.”

They get subjected to the crushing forces that keep the spineless in lockstep, so admire them – people like Norman Geras, Christopher Hitchens, Pamela Bone, and Michael Walzer, and most of the signatories of the Euston Manifesto.

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