Hellish Stuff

One wonders if some folks ever hear themselves. Norman Geras takes after one of them big-time today.

I like the theologian’s slick doubletalk:

Hell is better seen as a state of self-separation from God or self-exclusion from love, rather than as God’s punishment. We can opt to live that way here on Earth and terrifyingly we can choose it for ever.

How’s that for sorcery? He doesn’t want you to see it straight. You’re to view it the “better way,” crookedly. Just look at it over your shoulder in a mirror or while doing a headstand, I suppose.

Total doubletalk.

Not to mention a flaming case of blaming the victim. God is damning you to hell but you’re doing it yourself.  Yeah, right. Just by having a mind of your own.

Threats, threats, threats. Since when has a threat been a good reason to believe something?


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